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SaaS Onboarding Mistakes

As a SaaS developer for others (as well as ourselves), we see many common mistakes in the workflows after a customer signs up. SaaS onboarding mistakes can hinder growth and stability of SaaS companies. Recognizing these pitfalls is essential for refining onboarding strategies. We outline common SaaS onboarding mistakes to help you identify and remedy them.

Viral Marketing in SaaS

Launching your SaaS platform into the viral vortex is like riding a tech rollercoaster with a side of humor. Get instant buzz, skyrocketing user numbers, and potential unicorn status...or risk over-hype, server meltdowns, and, heaven forbid, the dreaded meme backlash. It can be a wild ride – a digital storm with a chance of chaos. Viral marketing for SaaS vendors involves strategic approaches tailored to the tech-savvy audience.

KPIs to Boost SaaS Sales Effectiveness

In 2024, the SaaS sales landscape will be defined by intense competition and evolving customer expectations. Sales teams must navigate a data-rich environment, leveraging AI-driven insights and predictive analytics to convert prospects. KPIs are crucial in growing SaaS revenue and sales efficiency by providing measurable benchmarks. They enable teams to identify successful strategies, optimize sales processes, and focus effort for the most impact. It's critical to track the right KPIs to boost sales effectiveness.

2023 Wrapped

In 2023, we published 48 articles for, tackling topics based on our work in SaaS, Amazon (AWS) & the cloud, and a bit of ColdFusion. Although part of our purpose is driving search traffic, we really choose topics from our day-to-day work experiences to enlighten our audience. Here are the top 10 most-read articles in our Webapper 2023 Wrapped!

A Minimum Viable Product in SaaS

As a SaaS developer who builds custom software, organizations come to us hoping to build a new product to tackle their vertical market. A Minimum Viable Product is a basic product that contains enough features to satisfy initial customers. The challenge is knowing which features are needed to satisfy the market. Developing an MVP is often not enough – you have to deliver a minimum valuable product. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of producing a Minimum Viable Product in SaaS.

Single-Tenant SaaS vs. Multi-Tenant SaaS

The choice between single-tenant and multi-tenant solutions depends on factors such as client needs, security requirements, scalability, and budget. Single-tenant offers tailored solutions but at a higher cost, while multi-tenant solutions provide cost savings but with limited customization. The decision ultimately revolves around striking a balance between these factors based on the specific needs and preferences of your organization and its users.

Adding Segmentation to SaaS Sales

Adding segmentation to SaaS sales involves categorizing prospects based on shared traits, behaviors, or needs. SaaS vendors can segment sales to personalize marketing, address diverse customer needs, enhance engagement, optimize offers, and drive higher conversions and customer satisfaction. It's a great option to add to your SaaS marketing strategy for the new year. Here are some ideas on how you can segment.

Functions as a Service Use Cases

We started building serverless applications a couple of years ago. As part of that we've become quite familiar with the concept of Functions as a Service -- our CloudSee Drive product uses them extensively. Functions as a Service (FaaS) allow developers to run individual code functions in response to events, without managing any underlying infrastructure. We wanted to provide a look at FaaS use cases, including useful examples, business reasons, and potential drawbacks.

Outsourcing Software Development

As a long-time technology partner, we understand that considering whether to use an outsourced software development partner is a significant decision. It's not for everyone and doesn't always work out. Webapper has had hundreds of engagements, some short term and some stretching over a decade. Based on our experience, let's explore the advantages and disadvantages outsourcing software development partnership.

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