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Building a SaaS Unicorn

Today, let's take a moment to dream big (we're overdue for an aspirational article). What if you were actually building a SaaS unicorn? It's possible -- so far, over a thousand startups have reached valuations over $1 billion. If becoming a unicorn was easy, everyone would do it, right? Not everyone can, but if you look at SaaS unicorns, you'll see some repeating themes.

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Building a SaaS Business Is Like Playing Baseball

If you're a baseball fan, we're entering the most wonderful time of the year: MLB playoffs and the World Series. In business, we use so many metaphors from baseball, and with the season upon us, we realized how much building SaaS is like playing baseball. Step into the batter's box, and get ready for our pitch.

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Finding Success in SaaS Using OKRs

For the past few years, Webapper has built its business around some key performance indicators. And with minimal disruption, we've silently pivoted and improved our business. We were able to make transformational progress by setting goals and making our entire team aware of the plan. In fact, our team is all involved in setting up our Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). Here's our guide to finding success in SaaS using OKRs.

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SaaS Sales Funnels

What happens if you're struggling with the initial capture of qualified leads? It can certainly happen for both new products and mature ones. Building up revenue requires having ample new opportunities to surpass any customers who churn out. So if your sales need a boost, you may want to develop or improve your SaaS sales funnels.

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SaaS Customer Success

As a long-time SaaS development company, working with a variety of applications over the years, we see the importance of delivering a superior customer experience. SaaS growth is greatly impacted by maximizing customer retention. Customer churn creates a leaky boat, making the goal to quickly get customers to a point where they find value in your SaaS offering. And a powerful tool in that arsenal is building out people, processes, and technology to manage SaaS customer success.

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Minimizing SaaS Churn and Maximizing Customer Retention

Nearly all SaaS businesses are subscription-based. Growth depends on adding new customers and retaining existing customers. Customer attrition (churn) is the polar opposite of customer retention. SaaS churn is unavoidable -- for a variety of reasons, customers will move on. For a healthy product, it's important to minimize SaaS churn and maximize customer retention.

Minimizing SaaS Churn and Maximizing Customer Retention2022-10-05T16:19:09+00:00

Death by Coding: People, Process, and Planning in Software Development

In a recent conversation with Webapper, a lead developer said “In order to ship on time, I just need more time to code.” He went on to say “If I didn’t have to spend all this time on the product roadmap, I could ship on time.” After three decades in software development, these statements sound significant alarm bells...

Death by Coding: People, Process, and Planning in Software Development2022-06-09T14:59:45+00:00

7 Critical Areas for Your Information Technology Annual Review

Closing out the year affords the chance to see what went right, what went wrong, and what to do next. We wanted to share our insights to help you. Here are 7 critical areas for your information technology annual review.

7 Critical Areas for Your Information Technology Annual Review2021-12-14T22:42:08+00:00
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