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ColdFusion Is Nowhere Near Cloud Native

When we wrote about our lack of confidence in ColdFusion, we received some pushback that we were being too hard on Adobe. But the truth that remains a few months later is that ColdFusion is nowhere near cloud native, and the support of cloud methods is just not enough for the long haul.

ColdFusion Is Nowhere Near Cloud Native2022-03-11T19:02:53+00:00

Understanding the State of ColdFusion

We've had time to read through the results of the annual "State of ColdFusion" survey from TeraTech. It's a community-driven survey that tries to collect the sentiment of the ColdFusion community to identify trends. We wanted to share five key takeaways regarding the state of ColdFusion in 2021.

Understanding the State of ColdFusion2021-08-11T19:06:49+00:00

Why Running ColdFusion on AWS Really Rocks

Adobe ColdFusion (ACF) is widely used among midsize and large automotive businesses, hospital & heath care companies, financial services and government agencies. ColdFusion delivers data and services from data centers and cloud environments around the world, and hosting ColdFusion on AWS is a powerful solution.

Why Running ColdFusion on AWS Really Rocks2020-11-02T22:15:56+00:00
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