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Functions as a Service Use Cases

We started building serverless applications a couple of years ago. As part of that we've become quite familiar with the concept of Functions as a Service -- our CloudSee Drive product uses them extensively. Functions as a Service (FaaS) allow developers to run individual code functions in response to events, without managing any underlying infrastructure. We wanted to provide a look at FaaS use cases, including useful examples, business reasons, and potential drawbacks.

Functions as a Service Use Cases2023-11-15T14:51:36-08:00

Monitoring & Alerts with Amazon S3

Monitoring and alerts are critical for managing Amazon S3 in an enterprise environment. Effective monitoring and alerting systems in Amazon Web Services (AWS) help ensure the availability, security, and performance of S3 buckets while allowing timely responses to potential issues.We explore how you can more effectively manage monitoring and alerts with Amazon S3.

Monitoring & Alerts with Amazon S32023-10-02T11:37:18-07:00

10 Newsworthy AWS Cost Horror Stories

We recently had a wake-up call on AWS costs. As much as we love AWS, you must keep an eye on your monthly bill. Our wake-up call motivated us to think about the ways things spin out of control, which led us to seek out some newsworthy AWS cost horror stories. And as habitual cloud problem solvers, we offer our prescription for managing AWS billing more effectively.

10 Newsworthy AWS Cost Horror Stories2023-09-07T09:40:32-07:00

How to Prevent and Manage Scope Creep

We've been working on some projects recently where the goal posts...moved. It's a common pattern in software development, especially with fast-paced businesses. In the old days of waterfall development, perhaps it was harder to do, but systems often arrived late, out of date, and brittle. With an agile approach, changes are faster and easier to include, which can create problems. Since it's a continuous challenge in software development -- especially in SaaS -- we explain how to prevent and manage scope creep.

How to Prevent and Manage Scope Creep2023-07-07T11:54:27-07:00

Amazon S3 Backups

Having a smart backup strategy for Amazon S3 is important. A common failure of backups is not having a clear understanding around the potential disasters you must defend against. From simple things like accidentally overwriting a file to losing your entire AWS account, you must ensure the integrity and availability of your data.

Amazon S3 Backups2023-08-01T14:04:45-07:00

Amazon S3 Security Changes Are Coming

Amazon S3 buckets continue to be the core storage facility for cloud-based systems. The original goal was to ensure that organizations could use public buckets and objects easily, providing tools to limit public access. Because S3 has occasionally been a newsworthy security topic, AWS makes changes to shore them up. In April 2023, several important Amazon S3 security changes are coming, so if you use S3 buckets, you'll want to know what to expect. AWS will roll out the changes all AWS Regions within a few weeks.

Amazon S3 Security Changes Are Coming2023-08-01T14:07:39-07:00

Zero Trust Networks

Cybercrime is on the rise, driven by dramatic increases in random and targeted attacks. Threats continue to rise in complexity and scale, impacting businesses, essential services, and individuals. The effects include financial loss, business continuity, reduced productivity, damage to reputation, and legal liability issues. In response, Zero Trust Networking Access is emerging as a powerful mechanism to bolster organizational security.

Zero Trust Networks2023-03-08T16:39:25-08:00

Application Migration Services

We love exchanging ideas about application modernization and cloud migration -- it's what we do. Putting those concepts into another bucket, you could also say we love our involvement with application migration services. Technology morphs, paradigms shift, systems grow obsolete, and someone has to deliver continuity. Since application migration services are in our DNA, we wanted to share our roadmap, with a look into the potential benefits and challenges.

Application Migration Services2023-02-07T21:51:30-08:00
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