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Cloud Hosting vs. SaaS vs. On-Premise

If you find web hosting jargon confusing -- terms like cloud, SaaS, on-premise -- you're not alone. When planning your IT project implementations, however, you're well-served to fully comprehend these terms so you can determine which path is right for you. Have no fear, as we're going to explain each one and outline their advantages and disadvantages. Then you'll know whether cloud hosting, SaaS or on-premise is the right solution for you and your organization.

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Cloud Migration Benefits

At Webapper, we talk about cloud migration quite a bit. For us, cloud migration, especially to AWS, is exciting, challenging, and, well, essential to our business. Since we first set up shop in the cloud nearly a decade ago, we've been reaping the many rewards. That's why we've evangelized cloud computing, why we exited the traditional data centers, and why we've lashed onto AWS. If for some reason you're unsure, we've assembled a brief list of AWS cloud migration benefits. We think you'll understand what all the talk is about...

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Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting

Modern technology offers a staggering number of jargon-laden offers. Although in many ways technology is more accessible, it's inherently more complex. And hosting is an area that reflects this. In addition to speed and power improvements, we've seen connectivity explode in this era, especially with the adoption of cloud computing. So to help you understand a bit more about what it all means, we'll explain what managed Amazon cloud hosting entails.

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DaaS vs. VDI

With all the chaos today, you may be searching for ways to simplify IT management for your remote workers. Two 'competing' solutions, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS), probably turned up in your search. These two technologies perform similar functions but end up being implemented completely differently. DaaS vs. VDI - what's the difference?

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Benefits of DaaS

Deploying Desktop as a Service (DaaS) infrastructure can save IT departments significant amounts of time, energy, and money. As more companies and employees work remotely, DaaS offers flexibility and advantages that make it quite appealing. Here are six benefits of Desktop as a Service.

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Managing Your Remote Workforce

At Webapper, we're a 100% remote workforce, and we always have been. With an increasing number of firms escaping commercial real estate these days, we think we're imminently qualified to share some of the lessons we've learned over the years. It isn't always easy for us, with team members working from different U.S. and international time zones. We face communication issues, life balance challenges, and high customer service expectations. But over the past 20 years, we've learned a great deal, and now we're helping you with our 10 secrets to managing your remote workforce.

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Save Money on AWS

Amazon Web Services is a flexible environment to manage costs while maintaining excellent performance and uptime for your application. Using readily available tools, you can right size your services and optimize your IT spending. So here are six tips to help save money on AWS.

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Reserved Instances

One of the biggest challenges of migrating to the cloud from your data center is that old skool rules don’t apply. In the data center, you added as much computing power as you could in order to accommodate your busiest times. In the Amazon cloud, you can increase capacity as you need to and reduce it for slow periods. One way to manage this and keep your costs under control is to use a Reserved Instance (RI).

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