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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in SaaS

AI is permeating everyday life at a rapid clip, especially with the emergence of ChatGPT. But we've only scratched the surface. SaaS applications will see strong growth in AI integrations, including machine learning. The combination of AI/ML in SaaS is powerful, and it will dramatically impact our productivity and capabilities for years to come.

The Rise of Mobile-First SaaS

In SaaS, it's apparent that most products are developed for desktop first. Given the nature of our hybrid work environment today, many tech experts predict that mobile apps will become increasingly dominant. SaaS businesses that fail to offer mobile-friendly solutions risk losing customers and falling behind their competitors. We see a significant growth opportunity for mobile-first SaaS products.

The Rise of MicroSaaS

Software-as-a-Service is huge. A staggering 99% of companies will use at least one SaaS product by the end of 2023. SaaS niches are dominated by a handful of vendors. For example, in CRM, it's Salesforce, Hubspot, ClickUp and Monday. Competitive markets don't preclude innovation though -- we're seeing the emergence of micro solutions to augment these big players. Witness the rise of microSaaS products.

Amazon S3 Browsers

S3 buckets are a foundational element of AWS. Unfortunately, Amazon S3 can become a dumping ground for media and data. Managing files on S3 can become unwieldy from the AWS Console, and dealing with the many use cases poses security challenges. One of the areas that administrators struggle is simple file management, which has led to an 'aftermarket' of tools. One such segment is Amazon S3 browsers.

Why ChatGPT is the Chatbot That Will Take Over the SaaS World

You've no doubt been deluged with stories about ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an important tool that can help improve communication, personalization, accessibility, and efficiency in a wide range of applications. We're all going to find many uses for it. We explain why ChatGPT is the chatbot will take over the SaaS world.

Amazon S3 Security Changes Are Coming

Amazon S3 buckets continue to be the core storage facility for cloud-based systems. The original goal was to ensure that organizations could use public buckets and objects easily, providing tools to limit public access. Because S3 has occasionally been a newsworthy security topic, AWS makes changes to shore them up. In April 2023, several important Amazon S3 security changes are coming, so if you use S3 buckets, you'll want to know what to expect. AWS will roll out the changes all AWS Regions within a few weeks.

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