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Minimizing SaaS Churn and Maximizing Customer Retention

Nearly all SaaS businesses are subscription-based. Growth depends on adding new customers and retaining existing customers. Customer attrition (churn) is the polar opposite of customer retention. SaaS churn is unavoidable -- for a variety of reasons, customers will move on. For a healthy product, it's important to minimize SaaS churn and maximize customer retention.

Death by Coding: People, Process, and Planning in Software Development

In a recent conversation with Webapper, a lead developer said “In order to ship on time, I just need more time to code.” He went on to say “If I didn’t have to spend all this time on the product roadmap, I could ship on time.” After three decades in software development, these statements sound significant alarm bells...

CloudSee Drive is Here

Many years ago, Webapper built a series of tools to help us manage various tasks for our cloud hosting clients. We called it CloudSee, and we still use it every day in our managed hosting. Last year, a client requested functionality that was missing from original CloudSee -- a file browser for AWS S3 buckets. We decided to build something completely new using latest and greatest methods. And now, a few months later, we have officially launched this tool. CloudSee Drive is here.

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