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Building a SaaS Unicorn

Today, let's take a moment to dream big (we're overdue for an aspirational article). What if you were actually building a SaaS unicorn? It's possible -- so far, over a thousand startups have reached valuations over $1 billion. If becoming a unicorn was easy, everyone would do it, right? Not everyone can, but if you look at SaaS unicorns, you'll see some repeating themes.

Building a SaaS Unicorn2022-11-16T23:09:18+00:00

Building a SaaS Business Is Like Playing Baseball

If you're a baseball fan, we're entering the most wonderful time of the year: MLB playoffs and the World Series. In business, we use so many metaphors from baseball, and with the season upon us, we realized how much building SaaS is like playing baseball. Step into the batter's box, and get ready for our pitch.

Building a SaaS Business Is Like Playing Baseball2022-10-05T17:08:52+00:00

Secrets of a Successful SaaS Business Development Manager

The overarching goal of any SaaS organization is to build sustainable growth. Predictable Revenue, authored by Aaron Ross, outlined the engine he orchestrated at Salesforce in its early days, taking recurring from one million to one hundred million. That model is a template used by many organizations today, primarily because it's logical, scalable, and often quite effective. We outline the framework as part of our journey through the secrets of a successful business development manager.

Secrets of a Successful SaaS Business Development Manager2022-10-05T17:01:16+00:00

7 Essential Features Your SaaS Company Should Offer

We've seen a rising number of SaaS unicorns and decacorns, businesses that grab huge audiences. Whether you do a case study on Slack or MailChimp or Atlassian, you'll find they have some common characteristics. To illustrate how they grew to be so successful, we'll outline 7 essential features that your SaaS company should offer like they did.

7 Essential Features Your SaaS Company Should Offer2022-09-14T22:25:33+00:00

SaaS Integrations

The underlying promise of SaaS is "better, faster, cheaper" for both software developers and the users of the systems. An area we want to explore is SaaS integrations, which provide both sides with even more benefits (but a few challenges too).

SaaS Integrations2022-09-14T22:26:21+00:00

Finding Success in SaaS Using OKRs

For the past few years, Webapper has built its business around some key performance indicators. And with minimal disruption, we've silently pivoted and improved our business. We were able to make transformational progress by setting goals and making our entire team aware of the plan. In fact, our team is all involved in setting up our Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). Here's our guide to finding success in SaaS using OKRs.

Finding Success in SaaS Using OKRs2022-10-05T16:17:49+00:00
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