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Businesses continue rapid adoption of cloud computing to benefit from the promise of increased efficiency, better scalability, and improved agility. A growing number of companies are migrating mission-critical services and sensitive information to the AWS cloud. Users have become more mobile, threats have evolved, and actors have become smarter. Users distribute information across multiple locations, many of which are not currently within the organization’s infrastructure. The “shared responsibility model” means that audits must be significantly altered to provide assurance to stakeholders that their cloud adoption is secure. A cloud security audit should be conducted by an independent third party to obtain evidence via inquiry, physical inspection, observation, confirmation, analytics, and/or re-performance.

Webapper’s experienced team performs cloud security audits. We ensure that your company understands your security challenges in order to control your environment and protects your data in the cloud. During a cloud audit, we specifically test compliance-driven areas against industry best practices to mitigate and remediate risks.

Align Your Business & Cloud Security Auditing Objectives

During the planning and execution stages of a cloud security and compliance audit, it’s important to set and follow objectives for the audit. Aligning audit objectives with business objectives ensures that the investment serves to achieve stronger internal controls and lower risks.

How do you ensure that your security and privacy practices in AWS are in place and effective? What happens to your business if a hacker gains access to your cloud environment? Are you confident there are no misconfigurations in your cloud infrastructure? Who’s responsible for cloud security – you or your cloud hosting provider? If your company is using the cloud to store or process critical data, then you should audit your security policies, procedures and technology to ensure any institutional risks are identified. As a managed cloud hosting provider, we are vigilant about our security standards.

AWS Shared Responsibility

Amazon Web Services (AWS) takes their security responsibilities seriously. To manage customer concerns, Amazon strives to make their environments even more secure that on-premise data centers. That said, Amazon’s “Shared Responsibility Model” limits their involvement and delegates part of the monitoring and compliance to AWS users. AWS shifted the onus to customers to close the data security loop in their own environments. Thus, AWS is responsible for security “of the cloud” and customers are responsible for security “in the cloud.”

In a cloud security audit, we complete a variety of tasks
to form an opinion over the design and operational effectiveness of controls.

Expected Cloud Security Threats

According to the 2019 Cloud Security Report by Cybersecurity Insiders, businesses are increasingly worried about security threats in public clouds.






Cloud Platform

Advantages of Cloud Security Audits

If you take a proactive approach to AWS shared security responsibility, you can protect yourself and your users from the expanding number of cybersecurity threats.

Scale Securely with Greater Visibility and Control

With AWS, you control where your data is stored, who can access it, and what resources your organization is consuming at any given moment. Over time, you may lose track of identity and access controls, enabling unauthorized access to critical infrastructure and data. Webapper’s security audit process helps you lock down access.

Bring Clarity with Security Insights

Cybersecurity is a complex web of systems & processes that must evolve in response to threats. Audits bring clarity and insight. Raise awareness of security policies, give IT departments tools to ensure systems are secure, and look ahead to future threats. Become proactive with cloud security measures!

Automate and Reduce Risk with Deeply Integrated Services

Automated AWS security tasks enable you to improve security by reducing human configuration errors. We leverage a wide variety of deeply integrated solutions that can be combined to automate tasks in creative ways, helping your development and operations teams build and deploy code faster and more securely.

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