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5 Pillars of Application Modernization

New technologies and architectural patterns are emerging all the time. Catching up outdated systems to leverage these developments is a noteworthy trend. You can choose from a range of modernization options, such as lift & shift, replatforming, rearchitecting, replacement, and retirement. If you're facing a huge backlog of technical debt, the answer may be application modernization. Simply stated, application modernization is a revolution that’s been brewing for years, and if you haven’t fully embraced it yet, check out its five pillars...

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How to Control Your Amazon S3 Costs

It's entirely possible to (needlessly) run up your storage costs using AWS. With metered usage including a variety of inputs, it makes sense to look for ways to control your Amazon S3 costs without losing the many benefits of using these tools. We explain what those inputs are, ways to manage them, and what tools you have available to keep an eye on costs.

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Data Modernization 101

Data is the lifeblood of any company today. Rare will you attend a business meeting without mentions of EBITDA, KPIs, OKRs, and a growing array of acronyms emblazoned on executive dashboards. We've morphed from starving to get enough data to swimming in it. We're now faced with a new challenge: making sense of data, turning data into useful information. And the way forward is data modernization.

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AWS S3 Interface Options

Customers around the world use Amazon S3 buckets to store their data for websites, cloud-native applications, mobile apps and more. S3 offers scalability, high availability, and security. You can optimize costs using an array of service levels and use access controls to satisfy business, organizational, and compliance needs. Beyond the basics of storage, S3 offers more. A major advantage lies in AWS S3 interface options. We'll outline them to help you choose how you integrate S3 into your cloud strategy.

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Factors Driving Up Your Cloud Costs

We're growing increasingly dependent on cloud computing, and that means costs rise with that growth. We've written about cloud economics before, as it's always important to our clients and associates. As we wrap up another year, it's worth having a look at the factors driving up your cloud costs. It can help with year end reviews and new year planning.

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CloudSee Drive is Here

Many years ago, Webapper built a series of tools to help us manage various tasks for our cloud hosting clients. We called it CloudSee, and we still use it every day in our managed hosting. Last year, a client requested functionality that was missing from original CloudSee -- a file browser for AWS S3 buckets. We decided to build something completely new using latest and greatest methods. And now, a few months later, we have officially launched this tool. CloudSee Drive is here.

CloudSee Drive is Here2022-10-05T16:20:02+00:00

Outsourcing Cloud Application Development

If you're evaluating cloud application development, you may consider outsourcing some or all of the programming effort. An outsourcing firm can supply needed additional technical talent, making it more efficient than using inside resources. Outsourcing is not for everyone, although it offers great benefits to many aspirational cloud organizations. To help our colleagues better understand the how and why, we share our views on outsourcing cloud application development from our many years of service.

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