Webapper specializes in cloud consulting services. As an early adopter of cloud computing, we share insights from our experiences.

AWS vs. Azure: Cloud Comparison

When it comes to the cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure tower over the market. Although Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure offer similar cloud computing capabilities, one provider is not necessarily “better” than the other. Cloud customer success depends on specific business needs. To help you decide which is more amenable to your needs, we outline key differences when comparing AWS vs. Azure.

AWS vs. Azure: Cloud Comparison2020-08-27T18:38:15+00:00

Business Lessons of the Pandemic

Webapper doesn’t profess to have all the answers for navigating such turbulent times. As we reflect on what we see in the market and review our own situation, we seek clarity. We hope we can help others handle their businesses more effectively in this challenging period. Here are some ideas to jump start your efforts for marketing during the pandemic.

Business Lessons of the Pandemic2020-07-29T21:07:13+00:00
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