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Getting Started with AWS S3 Storage

Organizations of any size and in any industry can use Amazon S3 buckets to facilitate public cloud storage. In Amazon Web Services' (AWS), Simple Storage Service (S3) stores objects, which consist of data and descriptive metadata. Many companies deploy S3 for their websites, mobile apps, application file storage, and backups.

Getting Started with AWS S3 Storage2022-01-06T17:49:10+00:00

ColdFusion Is Nowhere Near Cloud Native

When we wrote about our lack of confidence in ColdFusion, we received some pushback that we were being too hard on Adobe. But the truth that remains a few months later is that ColdFusion is nowhere near cloud native, and the support of cloud methods is just not enough for the long haul.

ColdFusion Is Nowhere Near Cloud Native2021-11-04T17:48:41+00:00

Hybrid Cloud 101

We encounter many organizations who have not embraced or fully embraced the cloud yet. And an approach we occasionally recommend is using hybrid cloud. We explain key concepts, advantages, and guardrails for public & private cloud configurations in our explanation of Hybrid Cloud 101.

Hybrid Cloud 1012021-10-28T02:22:31+00:00

Life After a Lift & Shift Cloud Migration

We've written about several ways to migrate to the cloud, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The right cloud migration method depends on your organization's cloud readiness and ability to manage change. We'll take a closer look at lift & shift migration and what you may need to do in the aftermath.

Life After a Lift & Shift Cloud Migration2021-10-06T19:59:10+00:00

AWS Cloud Certifications Decoded

Given the associated complexity to navigate cloud computing, having a thorough understanding of how AWS cloud environments work is essential to success. AWS cloud certifications attest to the depth & strength of a cloud engineer's skills, with emphasis on hands-on experience and best practices. We'll map out what the different certs mean so you can make more informed buying decisions.

AWS Cloud Certifications Decoded2021-09-29T17:10:26+00:00

What the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Says

Stack Overflow recently released “The 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey,” a report sharing the collective opinion of developers around the world about their habits, tools, needs, and compensation. Let’s look at what the survey reveals about cloud platforms, programming languages, web frameworks, databases, and other preferred tools.

What the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Says2021-09-14T21:01:38+00:00

Cloud Migration Strategy: Rehost, Replatform, Rearchitect

A recent project at Webapper brought us back to three cornerstones of cloud migration strategy: rehost, replatform, rearchitect. In the near term, the goal is to rehost the application, a lift-and-shift migration to improve performance and set the stage for long-term, sustainable growth. But the roadmap is never a straight line...

Cloud Migration Strategy: Rehost, Replatform, Rearchitect2021-09-18T18:37:32+00:00
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