Webapper Goes Above & Beyond

Hello from the Webapper Team

Webapper Services LLC believes there’s a better way to manage outsourced technology services. Our mission is to empower our clients to thrive using leading-edge cloud software technologies. Since we started in 2003, we’ve grown from some youthful, hard-working coders into an elite team of cloud software engineers who help customers leverage technology for competitive advantage.

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve built some truly amazing software solutions from scratch and have been called in to rescue a broad range of projects. Companies choose us because of our epic technical experience, emphasis on clear communication (yeah, geeks who can speak plain English!) and commitment to delivering world-class solutions in hosting and application development.

Our Values

  • Clarity: We strive to think & communicate clearly.
  • Excellence: We follow high technical standards.
  • Enthusiasm: We love what we do.
  • Integrity: We’re honest with ourselves and our customers.
  • Value: We deliver results at a fair price.

Principal Geeks at Webapper Services

Webapper Services: Patrick Quinn, CEO

Patrick Quinn

Patrick, AKA Sigmund, brings laser focus and deep industry experience to the Webapper management team. He’s been in software development and web hosting since the late 90s. He loves playing baseball & basketball, showing up at parks looking like a computer nerd but totally showing up his opponents with a gold glove and a sweet outside shot.

Webapper Services: Scott Herring, COO

Scott Herring

Scott, AKA The Beagle, was Patrick’s (AKA Sigmund’s) first employer. Some call him a “grey beard” because of his long pedigree in technology, starting in the 80s with MS-DOS and CPM. He’s somehow managed to stay current with tech, especially technical marketing. Scott surfs, skateboards, plays beach volleyball and drives his kids all over Southern California for their sports activities.