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Become More Customer-Centric in SaaS

A customer-centric approach in SaaS is not just advantageous -- it's essential for sustained success. Prioritizing customers ensures a product-market fit that fuels user engagement and loyalty, leading to higher retention rates and organic growth rates. To create a customer-centric approach within a SaaS company, it's essential to make a customer-first mindset an integral part of your culture. We share five ways to become more customer-centric in SaaS.

Become More Customer-Centric in SaaS2023-09-19T14:26:23-07:00

10 Data Analytics Problems Your Team Faces

As sports fans, several of us at Webapper have read and appreciate Moneyball by Michael Lewis. This amazing expose from the early days of analytics changed sports forever. With baseball entering playoffs and football season kicking off, analytics tend to come to the forefront of broadcasting. It got us thinking about the common problems that data analytics teams face. Today we're going to look at those issues and talk about how to handle them.

10 Data Analytics Problems Your Team Faces2023-09-12T10:45:34-07:00

Strategy for Modernizing a SaaS Product

Since it comes up from time to time in our community, we wanted to share a strategy that aims to overhaul and modernize a data-center based SaaS product while prioritizing quality, development velocity, and customer success. By executing this SaaS modernization strategy, your product can transition into a modern, scalable, and customer-centric solution, ensuring its competitiveness for years to come.

Strategy for Modernizing a SaaS Product2023-08-29T09:17:13-07:00

How to Prevent and Manage Scope Creep

We've been working on some projects recently where the goal posts...moved. It's a common pattern in software development, especially with fast-paced businesses. In the old days of waterfall development, perhaps it was harder to do, but systems often arrived late, out of date, and brittle. With an agile approach, changes are faster and easier to include, which can create problems. Since it's a continuous challenge in software development -- especially in SaaS -- we explain how to prevent and manage scope creep.

How to Prevent and Manage Scope Creep2023-07-07T11:54:27-07:00

What Is Blockchain Development?

We keep an eye on new technologies and trends that impact our software community. No doubt you've read about cryptocurrency, which is built on blockchain, but perhaps you aren't familiar with Web3 and blockchain development. Since it's potentially a game-changing arena, we wanted to share our take on these emerging development concepts.

What Is Blockchain Development?2023-07-05T12:48:34-07:00

Why ChatGPT is the Chatbot That Will Take Over the SaaS World

You've no doubt been deluged with stories about ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an important tool that can help improve communication, personalization, accessibility, and efficiency in a wide range of applications. We're all going to find many uses for it. We explain why ChatGPT is the chatbot will take over the SaaS world.

Why ChatGPT is the Chatbot That Will Take Over the SaaS World2023-04-27T18:59:42-07:00

Does Anyone Use ColdFusion Anymore?

The tools we use for software development continuously evolve, enabling developers to write efficient, effective code to address changing market needs. Choosing a development platform is challenging because each software development framework carries advantages and disadvantages. Since we have a long CFML pedigree (and occasionally controversial opinions on the subject), we wanted to address a question we're asked regularly: does anyone use ColdFusion anymore?

Does Anyone Use ColdFusion Anymore?2023-05-18T19:25:24-07:00

Application Migration Services

We love exchanging ideas about application modernization and cloud migration -- it's what we do. Putting those concepts into another bucket, you could also say we love our involvement with application migration services. Technology morphs, paradigms shift, systems grow obsolete, and someone has to deliver continuity. Since application migration services are in our DNA, we wanted to share our roadmap, with a look into the potential benefits and challenges.

Application Migration Services2023-02-07T21:51:30-08:00
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