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Comprehensive Testing for SaaS

Have you ever talked to a developer when they said, “It works on my machine”? It happens too often because developers are usually not good testers. Good testing ensures SaaS applications are reliable, secure, and high-performing, ultimately to satisfy customers, reduce costs, and build a competitive edge. We'll share our template for testing a SaaS application.

Comprehensive Testing for SaaS2024-06-19T11:00:38-07:00

Rising SaaS Development Costs

Managing costs is a common challenge in SaaS, as providers need to continuously invest in product development and platform maintenance to meet customer needs. As a SaaS development partner and also a SaaS partner, we see the impact often. We outline problems and potential solutions for addressing rising SaaS development costs.

Rising SaaS Development Costs2024-06-05T14:12:09-07:00

Why You Need a Dedicated Product Owner in SaaS

The role of a Product Owner in Scrum & Agile methodologies is pivotal to the success of a SaaS project. Product Owners bridge the gap between stakeholders and development teams, ensuring that customer needs are understood, prioritized, and translated into actionable tasks. The Product Owner's role is critical for maximizing ROI, fostering collaboration, and achieving successful outcomes in SaaS development.

Why You Need a Dedicated Product Owner in SaaS2024-05-01T13:29:08-07:00

Adapting to Technological Changes as Your SaaS Platform Matures

We've been in the software industry a long time. We've watched the rise of object-oriented programming to enable event-driven & modular systems, the emergence of web apps to replace desktop software, and the explosion of SaaS to simplify global remote access, Technology is always on the move. Adapting to technological changes is essential for the long-term success and relevance of your platform. Let's take a look at a strategic plan to leverage technological advancements as your SaaS platform matures.

Adapting to Technological Changes as Your SaaS Platform Matures2024-02-28T14:05:58-08:00

Viral Marketing in SaaS

Launching your SaaS platform into the viral vortex is like riding a tech rollercoaster with a side of humor. Get instant buzz, skyrocketing user numbers, and potential unicorn status...or risk over-hype, server meltdowns, and, heaven forbid, the dreaded meme backlash. It can be a wild ride – a digital storm with a chance of chaos. Viral marketing for SaaS vendors involves strategic approaches tailored to the tech-savvy audience.

Viral Marketing in SaaS2024-01-17T11:38:37-08:00

KPIs to Boost SaaS Sales Effectiveness

In 2024, the SaaS sales landscape will be defined by intense competition and evolving customer expectations. Sales teams must navigate a data-rich environment, leveraging AI-driven insights and predictive analytics to convert prospects. KPIs are crucial in growing SaaS revenue and sales efficiency by providing measurable benchmarks. They enable teams to identify successful strategies, optimize sales processes, and focus effort for the most impact. It's critical to track the right KPIs to boost sales effectiveness.

KPIs to Boost SaaS Sales Effectiveness2024-01-03T15:24:17-08:00

A Minimum Viable Product in SaaS

As a SaaS developer who builds custom software, organizations come to us hoping to build a new product to tackle their vertical market. A Minimum Viable Product is a basic product that contains enough features to satisfy initial customers. The challenge is knowing which features are needed to satisfy the market. Developing an MVP is often not enough – you have to deliver a minimum valuable product. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of producing a Minimum Viable Product in SaaS.

A Minimum Viable Product in SaaS2023-12-14T12:44:01-08:00

Single-Tenant SaaS vs. Multi-Tenant SaaS

The choice between single-tenant and multi-tenant solutions depends on factors such as client needs, security requirements, scalability, and budget. Single-tenant offers tailored solutions but at a higher cost, while multi-tenant solutions provide cost savings but with limited customization. The decision ultimately revolves around striking a balance between these factors based on the specific needs and preferences of your organization and its users.

Single-Tenant SaaS vs. Multi-Tenant SaaS2023-12-07T09:10:41-08:00

Adding Segmentation to SaaS Sales

Adding segmentation to SaaS sales involves categorizing prospects based on shared traits, behaviors, or needs. SaaS vendors can segment sales to personalize marketing, address diverse customer needs, enhance engagement, optimize offers, and drive higher conversions and customer satisfaction. It's a great option to add to your SaaS marketing strategy for the new year. Here are some ideas on how you can segment.

Adding Segmentation to SaaS Sales2023-11-30T12:01:58-08:00

Outsourcing Software Development

As a long-time technology partner, we understand that considering whether to use an outsourced software development partner is a significant decision. It's not for everyone and doesn't always work out. Webapper has had hundreds of engagements, some short term and some stretching over a decade. Based on our experience, let's explore the advantages and disadvantages outsourcing software development partnership.

Outsourcing Software Development2023-11-07T10:57:39-08:00
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