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Minimizing SaaS Churn and Maximizing Customer Retention

Nearly all SaaS businesses are subscription-based. Growth depends on adding new customers and retaining existing customers. Customer attrition (churn) is the polar opposite of customer retention. SaaS churn is unavoidable -- for a variety of reasons, customers will move on. For a healthy product, it's important to minimize SaaS churn and maximize customer retention.

Minimizing SaaS Churn and Maximizing Customer Retention2022-06-15T20:27:19+00:00

SaaS Onboarding Essentials: People, Process, and Planning

No matter the technique used, it’s essential for SaaS providers to invest in development of a smooth onboarding process. Failure to do so almost guarantees low adoption rates and high customer turnover.

SaaS Onboarding Essentials: People, Process, and Planning2022-06-06T16:40:51+00:00

Death by Coding: People, Process, and Planning in Software Development

In a recent conversation with Webapper, a lead developer said “In order to ship on time, I just need more time to code.” He went on to say “If I didn’t have to spend all this time on the product roadmap, I could ship on time.” After three decades in software development, these statements sound significant alarm bells...

Death by Coding: People, Process, and Planning in Software Development2022-06-09T14:59:45+00:00

Outsourcing Cloud Application Development

If you're evaluating cloud application development, you may consider outsourcing some or all of the programming effort. An outsourcing firm can supply needed additional technical talent, making it more efficient than using inside resources. Outsourcing is not for everyone, although it offers great benefits to many aspirational cloud organizations. To help our colleagues better understand the how and why, we share our views on outsourcing cloud application development from our many years of service.

Outsourcing Cloud Application Development2022-04-13T19:25:49+00:00

Who Owns SaaS Data

With our growing reliance on the cloud and SaaS, it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to the details embodied in agreements. Think about your organization's exposure if your vendor has a data breach. What happens if there are outages? And an issue we'll review today, who owns the SaaS data?

Who Owns SaaS Data2022-03-15T22:52:04+00:00
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