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Seeking the best and the brightest…

Are you usually the smartest guy/gal in the room? Do you prefer working with others who are the smartest guys/gals in the room? Are you looking to join a strong, ambitious tech team and expand your career? Do you want to be part of a successful, growing, collaborative company? Are you looking for a place that encourages you to contribute ideas and invests in your professional growth? If you’re nodding your head like a bobblehead figure, we may have your dream job and you may be our dream hire.

Webapper maintains a creative and collaborative work environment where focused individuals are building a new future through custom application development, professionally-managed cloud hosting, and a new line of cloud management software tools. We offer numerous opportunities to learn and grow, with challenging projects and continuous professional development. We love self-starters with winning attitudes and contagious positivity. And…we believe in work/life balance, so you can have fun (even when you aren’t Webapping)…

Current Job Opportunities

Software Architect/Lead Developer (AWS)

Full Time – Remote

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We’re looking for a seasoned cloud software developer. If you’re an experienced software professional with deep expertise in developing and managing cloud native applications and systems, we would love to chat.

Senior Cloud Engineer (AWS)

Full Time – Remote

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We’re looking for an AWS ninja rock star. We have a fun/cohesive/talented team of developers and cloud engineers who need an additional Senior AWS Engineer to help with our growing managed hosting business.

Benefits of Working at Webapper

Here’s why this is a great place to work.

You will work with great people.

We expect exceptional work. You will be joining a small team of A+ players, and you will be expected to perform as an A+ player. We are good at what we do, and we like succeeding. To fit in, you will have to hustle and work hard.

You will play a huge role in crafting exciting projects.

We’re a small team, so every person has the opportunity to make a big impact and leave their fingerprints on products and projects that are enjoyed worldwide. You will help shape many projects from the ground up and play a very important role in creating completely new, interesting applications.

You will make a difference.

We want to help a lot of people.

You will enjoy flexible workdays.

This job is results oriented. You will be responsible for your own work. When and where you choose to work is completely up to you. If you want to watch a movie at 2pm or pick up groceries at 10am, we don’t need to know about the details. We have flexible vacation policies. Provided you produce work that is exceptional and delivered on time, you can work whenever you want.

You will be well paid.

We believe in sharing financial success with the people who help us achieve it. Your base compensation will be competitive and, if you work hard/smart, you will have the opportunity to make more money based on performance.

You will work remotely.

You can live anywhere in the US, so long as you have a good internet connection and are available for weekly calls. Exceptional candidates from all areas will be considered. We also have team members in Vietnam, and they’re cool too.

Webapper Values