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Save Money on AWS

Amazon Web Services is a flexible environment to manage costs while maintaining excellent performance and uptime for your application. Using readily available tools, you can right size your services and optimize your IT spending. So here are six tips to help save money on AWS.

Reserved Instances

One of the biggest challenges of migrating to the cloud from your data center is that old skool rules don’t apply. In the data center, you added as much computing power as you could in order to accommodate your busiest times. In the Amazon cloud, you can increase capacity as you need to and reduce it for slow periods. One way to manage this and keep your costs under control is to use a Reserved Instance (RI).

What to Do If Your Web Application Sucks

Online business software and cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are a thousand times more powerful than what we had just a few years ago. But many business applications are poorly built. They don’t leverage and utilize many of the best, most sophisticated technologies available. Poorly designed, constructed, tested, hosted, and supported, these applications frustrate users and squander opportunity and productivity. To help you understand what all this means, here are the top 5 reasons your web application sucks. We also prescribe solutions for each issue to help you if you're in the throes of dealing with them.