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SaaS Monetization Primer

SaaS monetization is the process of deriving revenue from the value you offer from your software solution to your users. If you can’t monetize your SaaS application, then your development effort could end up as a life lesson instead of a fat bank account. And with the challenges of small budgets and slow revenue growth, it’s critical that SaaS companies deliver software that matchese evolving market landscapes.

Automated Testing with Selenium

The more likely you are to author tests, the better your results... Automation is the best way to increase test coverage, execution speed, and efficacy in software testing. Automated testing eliminates the tedium of manual, error-prone tests and facilitates unattended (e.g., overnight) testing. Automated testing is an important element in your CI/CD process, and Selenium is a powerful platform for it.

The Increasing Importance of Software Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) directly affects customer experience. It's becoming more important to shift left -- moving testing earlier in the software development process to save time down the road. The importance of software testing cannot be understated. Technology issues can paralyze customers, so having smart processes in place for issue detection and remedy is not optional anymore.

Why You Need a Cloud Native Application Development Strategy

To compete in fast-paced markets, companies must adapt to new methods for designing, building, and delivering applications. If you're still developing in a traditional, monolithic environment or are just getting started with a new software development project, we will explain why you need to consider a cloud native application development strategy.

Creating Your Foundation for SaaS Marketing

If you're marketing (or planning to market) software as a service, you have a significant amount of work ahead. Having worked on a few different SaaS products, we have seen the difficulties firsthand. When marketing works, it's super fun. When prospects ignore you, it's demotivating. We'll outline a strategic framework for creating your foundation for SaaS marketing.

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