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October 19, 2009

1-Day ColdFusion TNT Audit

One of the advantages of our decades of combined experience is speed—we identify, prioritize and fix the causes of performance and stability problems as quickly and effectively as humanly possible. If you’ve got ColdFusion performance and/or stability problems, and you haven’t yet hired us for consulting, then I’d like to invite you to try our [...]

June 8, 2009

SeeDSN – A JDBC Wrapping Tool For Use With SeeFusion

Filed under: ColdFusion, General Development, SeeFusion — Tags: , — Tyson Vanek @ 3:53 pm
Introduction SeeDSN is utility that I’ve been using internally with our SeeFusion customers for years in order to assist with configuring JDBC wrapped datasources that can be monitored via SeeFusion. ┬áThe utility was originally developed for Webapper by Daryl Banttari, but it was never officially released to the public – until today. ┬áRecently I was on [...]

October 20, 2008

Subversion hook to verify unit testing?

Filed under: ColdFusion — Tags: , , — Steve Nelson @ 7:07 pm
Ever since last year, we’ve setup subversion to require comments are added before a file can be committed to our SVN repositories. Even just small comments on file commits is helpful. But what I REALLY want is a subversion hook that requires a file is unit tested before it can be submitted to the repository. Think [...]

The Return of the ColdFusion Debugger

Filed under: ColdFusion — Tags: , — Steve Nelson @ 12:21 pm
I think around the time of ColdFusionMX 6, the inline CF debugger went downhill. It became incredibly slow to the point of being unusable on many applications. It became common knowledge to simply disable it because it could very quickly bog down a CF server. A couple years ago I wrote my own version of the [...]

July 22, 2008

ColdFusion SQL Injection

Filed under: ColdFusion, Databases — Tags: , , , , — Daryl Banttari @ 7:25 am
Seems there’s a lot of ColdFusion sites out there getting hit by an automated SQL Injection attack, which adds a “<script>” tag to varchar fields using a bit of SQL Server t-sql. Many years ago, I wrote a script that would find and automatically <cfqueryparam> queries (which has been at Daryl’s ColdFusion Primer. I’ve dug [...]

June 24, 2008

Stop and start ColdFusion on Mac OSX without a script

Filed under: ColdFusion, Macintosh — Tags: , — Nat Papovich @ 11:52 am
I’m a recent switcher, having used Windows for, well, ever. So far, the switch has been painless, and I’m only using XP in VMWare for SQL Server 2000 and 2005, including the studio tools. But it’s the little daily things that are tripping me up. I learned ifconfig as the replacement for ipconfig, I’m getting comfortable [...]

April 27, 2008

Shan’s Simple Examples: File uploads with Flex and ColdFusion

Filed under: ColdFusion, Flex & Flash, Shan's Simple Examples — Tags: , , — Shannon Hicks @ 2:18 pm
Someone in #flex was talking about how there were no good examples for doing uploads with Flex and ColdFusion. Sounded like an excellent topic to cover here. Now this example is a tiny bit more complex than previous examples, because I needed to cover two methods of functionality: single file uploads and multi-file uploads. Both [...]

February 7, 2008

Google Calendar XML: Deciphering the Data

Filed under: ColdFusion, Google — Tags: , , , , — Steve Nelson @ 4:57 am
In my previous post we looked at getting a list of calendars using the Google API. We looked at how to make the request, but not what to do with the data Google sends back. When you make a request for a list of calendars, Google sends the list back in an xml format. Some of [...]

February 1, 2008

Google Calendar API: Using ColdFusion to get a list of Calendars

Filed under: ColdFusion, Google — Tags: , , , , — Steve Nelson @ 6:42 am
Before we handle the methods for editing a calendar, we need to make sure we’re editing the correct calendar. To do that we need to get a list of the calendars from Google. This method we’ll look at today is very simple. So, let’s jump right into the code. ::CODECOLORER_BLOCK_7:: We start with our usual two login [...]

January 31, 2008

Google Calendar API – Creating a new Calendar with ColdFusion

Filed under: ColdFusion, Google — Tags: , , , , — Steve Nelson @ 7:14 am
Now that we have finished with the crazy method of obtaining all the various tokens for accessing the Google API, let’s jump into our first Google Calendar API method. We will start by using the Google Calendar API to create a new calendar. This method is very straight forward. It’s just a matter of correctly [...]
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