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May 5, 2009

CreateUUID() : Friendly Function or Server Killer?

Filed under: ColdFusion, JVM & Java, Performance, SeeFusion, Windows — Tyson Vanek @ 1:29 am
=============================== July 2010 Update: Please review Charlie Arehart’s comments below about important ColdFusion 9-specific updates to this function. =============================== Ok, so I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking I must be crazy for suggesting that a simple built-in unique randomization function could somehow be instrumental in crashing a ColdFusion server, right?  Well, before you go calling me a [...]

January 24, 2008

Vista Annoyance: File Encryption and Apache

Filed under: Windows — Tags: , , — Steve Nelson @ 1:00 pm
I just downloaded the latest extJS 2.0.1 zip file and unzipped it into a web folder. When I went to go look at the examples I got a “403 Forbidden” error from Apache. I figured it must have been some odd security setting on the files. So I compared the security settings on the files that [...]

January 21, 2008

My First Vista Blue Screen! w00t!

Filed under: Windows — Tags: , — Steve Nelson @ 4:05 pm
I just bought a new laptop after working on an Dell m700 for 2 1/2 years. No real reason, I just figured it was time to upgrade. I bought another Dell, an XPS 1330. So far it’s slick. The downside? It ONLY comes with Vista. Just like you, I’ve heard nothing but bad things about [...]

October 18, 2007

Enabling desktop wallpaper on remote desktop terminal services

Filed under: Hardware, Windows — Tags: , — Nat Papovich @ 5:51 pm
I always have to work hard to remember which server is live, which is for production, which is for development, etc. It’s also difficult to tell at a glance which remote server I’m connected to over remote desktop. Typically I change the wallpaper color to red for production servers, green for development servers [...]

April 13, 2007

How to change the JRun log files location

Filed under: ColdFusion, Windows — Tags: — Nat Papovich @ 11:08 am
I recently set up a virtual server with and we installed our own copy of ColdFusion Enterprise. In the process, I wanted to follow hms’s guidelines about putting all log files on the E: drive as opposed to the default C: drive where ColdFusion gets installed. Now I’m not entirely certain why they’re so [...]

March 7, 2007

Windows Packet Filtering: The Very Least You Can Do For Security

Filed under: Windows — Tags: , , — Daryl Banttari @ 10:29 am
We find people placing Windows servers “naked” on the Internet with frightening regularity. Without any sort of firewall or packet filtering protection, these machines make very easy targets for hackers. Even if you have a firewall, adding host-based packet filtering adds an additional layer of protection, though in that case you’ll have to decide for yourself if the [...]

October 31, 2006

XP login troubles

Filed under: Windows — Tags: — Shannon Hicks @ 9:38 am
This morning, I made the mistake of installing Windows Media Player 11. The installer did it’s evil, and then lied to me, coaxing me to restart my machine to complete the installation process. Well, restart I did, and up came the login prompt. Odd, I’ve set my desktop to automatically log in. But no matter… So [...]

January 16, 2003

Windows TCP/IP Utilities Reference at TechNet

Filed under: Miscellaneous, Windows — Tags: — Patrick Quinn @ 12:00 am
TCP/IP Utilities Reference

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