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April 10, 2008

New Job Title: Front End Engineer

Filed under: Business of Software, User Interface — Tags: — Patrick Quinn @ 9:15 am
There’s a pretty good article about job titles in the current ColdFusion Developer’s Journal: Are the Job Titles “Web Designer” and “Web Developer” Too General? – There are a lot of professions that have emerged from the web: designers, developers, strategists, search engine optimists, information architects, usability and accessibility consultants, the list goes on… Today, [...]

January 21, 2008

The Future UI: Perceptive Pixel

Filed under: User Interface — Patrick Quinn @ 2:10 pm
If you haven’t seen this video from Perceptive Pixel yet, then you just gotta take 5 minutes to watch it. It shows some of the most bleeding-edge UI development going on anywhere on the planet. Think iPhone, multiply by 10, and then add in a gi-normous display. I’m thinking that in, say, 3-5 years, everyday [...]

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