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August 5, 2010

Integrating ColdFusion with FogBugz results in cfhttp conx failure

Filed under: ColdFusion, General Development, JVM & Java — Nat Papovich @ 3:13 pm
The development team at Webapper has been using FogBugz for a couple years now and we like it well enough not to bother switching to anything else. One thing I found lacking is a “customer portal” – a way for our clients to review the status of open tickets we’re tracking for their projects. Our [...]

July 29, 2010

(Bollox to) ColdFusion is Slow

Filed under: ColdFusion, Databases, JVM & Java, Performance, SeeFusion — Patrick Quinn @ 12:50 pm
We’ve been hearing the “ColdFusion is slow” nonsense for as long as the platform as been around. (Quick history tidbit: We still have support emails from back when Jeremy Allaire was sending them himself!) In our opinion, whenever someone repeats this tripe, that person is instantly branded a software novice, and, probably, one with an [...]

July 27, 2010

ColdFusion Heroes

Filed under: ColdFusion, Fusebox, General Development, JVM & Java, Macintosh, Performance, SeeFusion — Patrick Quinn @ 5:47 pm
As leading ColdFusion performance engineers and application development specialists, we’re pretty good at what we do. Still, it’s comparatively unglamorous work that we do, focused as it is on recondite topics like software frameworks and Java memory utilization patterns. We’ve got thousands of happy customers of our ColdFusion support and development services, and our SeeFusion [...]

October 19, 2009

1-Day ColdFusion TNT Audit

One of the advantages of our decades of combined experience is speed—we identify, prioritize and fix the causes of performance and stability problems as quickly and effectively as humanly possible. If you’ve got ColdFusion performance and/or stability problems, and you haven’t yet hired us for consulting, then I’d like to invite you to try our [...]

May 5, 2009

CreateUUID() : Friendly Function or Server Killer?

Filed under: ColdFusion, JVM & Java, Performance, SeeFusion, Windows — Tyson Vanek @ 1:29 am
=============================== July 2010 Update: Please review Charlie Arehart’s comments below about important ColdFusion 9-specific updates to this function. =============================== Ok, so I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking I must be crazy for suggesting that a simple built-in unique randomization function could somehow be instrumental in crashing a ColdFusion server, right?  Well, before you go calling me a [...]

April 9, 2008

Three Phases of Programmer Development

Filed under: Business of Software, JVM & Java — Tags: — Daryl Banttari @ 10:12 am
I was reading with some amusement Doug Boude’s retort to a Java purist that was dismissing ColdFusion for being too… simple? to be considered a “real” language, and I was reminded of a topic I commonly rant on. It’s what I call the Three Phases of Programmer Development. Phase One A novice programmer is happy to [...]

October 31, 2006

Installing Flex Data Services 2 Express on Tomcat for Dummies

Filed under: Flex & Flash, JVM & Java — Tags: , , — Shannon Hicks @ 1:27 pm
Or, “Installing Flex Data Services 2 Express as a Windows Service” This guide is for those who know nothing of Tomcat, yet are sick of having a command prompt in the background when you are trying to work with FDS. I’ll assume that you’re running Windows, and that you’re doing this on your local machine, so [...]

June 8, 2006

Garbage Collection: ConcMarkSweep vs. RMI

Filed under: ColdFusion, JVM & Java, Performance — Tags: , , — Daryl Banttari @ 11:34 am
Abstract Use of the ConcMarkSweep garbage collector for the “tenured” generation is undesirable when RMI (Remote Method Invocation) garbage collection is occurring. Introduction Java doesn”t require that you explicitly release memory allocations in your program, which greatly reduces the time to build useful applications and eliminates most memory leaks. However, a significant part of any application is [...]

May 29, 2006

Reactor Memory Usage Analysis – Part 1

Filed under: JVM & Java — Mike Brunt @ 7:32 pm
I have been observing the great work that Doug Hughes has been doing on Reactor. “Reactor is an ORM framework (Object Relational Mapper), meaning it transcodes your relational database into objects for you to use in your CF programming”. Because of pressure of work I had not been able to be very useful [...]

May 23, 2006

Multiple Custom_jvm.config Files-Arguments

Filed under: JVM & Java — Mike Brunt @ 4:07 pm
With all versions of ColdFusion MX 6.1 and forward we are, as we have mentioned many times, squarely in the J2EE (Java EE) world. It does not matter whether CF is installed as a stand-alone or multi-server version, there will a jvm.config file. In stand-alone installs it resides in the {drive}{cfusion_root}\\runtime\\bin directory in multi-instance and [...]
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