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July 27, 2010

ColdFusion Heroes

Filed under: ColdFusion, Fusebox, General Development, JVM & Java, Macintosh, Performance, SeeFusion — Patrick Quinn @ 5:47 pm
As leading ColdFusion performance engineers and application development specialists, we’re pretty good at what we do. Still, it’s comparatively unglamorous work that we do, focused as it is on recondite topics like software frameworks and Java memory utilization patterns. We’ve got thousands of happy customers of our ColdFusion support and development services, and our SeeFusion [...]

January 23, 2008

Evils of Global Variables when Unit Testing

Filed under: ColdFusion, Fusebox — Tags: , , , — Steve Nelson @ 6:53 am
Let’s jump right to some code. ::CODECOLORER_BLOCK_1:: versus: ::CODECOLORER_BLOCK_2:: They look pretty similar right? Near identical. Neither is really easier or harder to read. Performance wise, I suspect you couldn’t see much of a difference. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Aww geez Steve Nelson is about to go on a week long rampage about something.” You would be [...]

January 22, 2008

Use CFArgument For… Everything

Filed under: ColdFusion, Fusebox — Tags: , , — Steve Nelson @ 9:31 am
In my new effort to rid my life of global variables, I’ve been focusing on the arguments scope. I think the arguments scope is the key to solving this problem. With my MVC-CFC framework I find it is easy as pie to live without global variables. In a nutshell, EVERYTHING is passed in through a <cfargument>. [...]

January 21, 2008

Steve’s MVC Framework a year later

Filed under: ColdFusion, Fusebox — Tags: , , , — Steve Nelson @ 5:07 pm
A few people have asked me if I’ve done anything with my MVC framework that I presented a year ago at the CF Frameworks conference. The short answer. Yes, but very minor. I admit it. I’m an addict. Mostly it’s the utter simplicity that I love. It takes the power of CFCs with the simplicity of [...]

June 14, 2007

Rejuvenating FLiP, Part 2

Filed under: Fusebox, General Development — Tags: — Nat Papovich @ 9:40 am
On frauds, chickens and Visio There’s a quasi-psychological disorder called “Impostor Syndrome” wherein the sufferer feels that, despite appearing to others as having mastered a particular skill and achieving numerous quantitative successes, he or she is not really “worthy” of the titles or benefits (or infamy) that goes along with those skills or successes. Sufferers are unable to internalize their accomplishments. It’s [...]

June 13, 2007

Rejuvenating FLiP, Part 1

Filed under: Fusebox, General Development — Tags: — Nat Papovich @ 12:34 pm
The Case for Functional Business Specification Documents FLiP is getting a little long in the tooth. When Jeff Peters and I codified Hal Helms’s development methodology theories in our Fusebox book and coined the name “Fusebox Lifecycle Process”, we were living very much in a “web 1.0″ world. Fusebox was developed as a page-centric controller framework and we all [...]

February 20, 2007

My (Other) Frameworks Presentation: Best Practices for Integrating CFCs, Flex and Fusebox

Filed under: Conferences, Flex & Flash, Fusebox, General Development — Tags: , , — Nat Papovich @ 9:32 am
I was more excited about the FB3 to FB5 presentation than this presentation, but a lot more people have requested the materials for this one, so here it is. Download here The presentation didn’t have a working sample application, but inside, you will find the handful of example files I showed, as well as a PowerPoint Comments [...]

February 19, 2007

My Frameworks Conference Presentation: Making the Jump from FB3 to FB5

Filed under: Conferences, Fusebox — Tags: — Nat Papovich @ 10:42 am
I’ve had a few people ask for the materials from my “Making the Jump from FB3 to FB5″ presentation at the Frameworks Conference from earlier this month. Sorry for the delay, but I finally put together all the materials fit for consumption. Download here Inside, you’ll find the PowerPoint along with a sample application which, although [...]

February 5, 2007

CFCs are the Framework

Filed under: ColdFusion, Fusebox — Tags: , — Steve Nelson @ 6:59 am
This CFC framework is too simple for you. It has too much power without enough work. It doesn’t even have a really clever name. Frankly, you’re not going to like it. But in case you’re still curious, you can download my presentation, the codebase and a 5 page code walk through here:

January 31, 2007

I am Concerned about my Presentation Tomorrow

Filed under: ColdFusion, Fusebox — Tags: , — Steve Nelson @ 8:15 pm
I have to be honest, I’m a little concerned that my presentation at 12:30 tomorrow. My new CFC framework/methodology/method (whatever you call it) is just too simple. I’m concerned that it won’t confuse enough people tomorrow. I mean, this conference is about frameworks, the attendees are the smartest of the smart people in the CF community. [...]
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