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October 7, 2010

ColdFusion Alive and Well – eWeek Article

Filed under: Business of Software, ColdFusion, General Development, Performance — Patrick Quinn @ 12:59 pm

I recently posted an article about ColdFusion performance myths (“(Bollox to) ColdFusion is Slow“), and a related myth we hear quite often is in the “ColdFusion is dying” category (or even more amusing is the already-dead variation). If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a piece in eWeek magazine showcasing ColdFusion. I’m an eWeek subscriber, and it’s a very mainstream publication, which means it’s very good news that ColdFusion is being discussed there. Another thing I really like about the piece is that it highlights ColdFusion’s “middleware” (in the strict sense) and application development capabilities, which we believe will increase demand for ColdFusion in the future. As the Web and Internet mature, technologies that can integrate content and data from multiple sources will be even more essential than they are today (“mashups” on steroids, basically). Also, business process automation and data mining and visualization will become more and more important over time. ColdFusion excels in these key areas, along with many others, too. ColdFusion’s future is bright, indeed.

Here’s a link to the eWeek article:

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