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October 19, 2009

1-Day ColdFusion TNT Audit

One of the advantages of our decades of combined experience is speed—we identify, prioritize and fix the causes of performance and stability problems as quickly and effectively as humanly possible. If you’ve got ColdFusion performance and/or stability problems, and you haven’t yet hired us for consulting, then I’d like to invite you to try our 1-Day ColdFusion TNT Audit. This is an abbreviated version of our more in-depth TNT engagement.

ColdFusion TNT Engagement Report

ColdFusion TNT

The 1-Day ColdFusion TNT Audit is the fastest possible way to begin to identify, prioritze and fix the causes of ColdFusion performance and stability problems. Here’s what we deliver in just one day of effort:

  • A review of your SeeFusion configuration, in particular query monitoring and database logging settings.
  • A review of your JVM configuration, in particular memory utilization settings.
  • A review of your ColdFusion log files, stack traces, and any other diagnostic information you’ve gathered.
  • A review of your ColdFusion Administrator settings.
  • An analysis of your SeeFusion metrics.
  • A written report detailing and prioritizing your system’s bottlenecks, complete with extensive data in tables and charts sorted by a variety of methods.
ColdFusion TNT Engagement Report

ColdFusion TNT

If your ColdFusion systems are experiencing performance or stability problems, contact us today.

Important Note: The 1-Day TNT Audit is not ideal for customers with specific and/or severe performance/stability problems. For those situations, our comprehensive TNT engagement is the best solution. The TNT Audit is intended as a way to get to know us while considering additional services, and to obtain a very useful “snapshot” of your system. It is not the intensive investigative/problem-solving engagement that our standard TNT Services represent.

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