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10 Compelling Serverless Use Cases

As we help customers expand their cloud computing capabilities in AWS, we also find ourselves educating organizations not only in what is possible but also more efficient. To illustrate why serverless is gaining popularity in AWS and rival cloud platforms, we wanted to share 10 compelling serverless use cases that demonstrate the simplicity and cost savings it provides.

10 Compelling Serverless Use Cases2023-01-18T21:57:56-08:00

5 Pillars of Application Modernization

New technologies and architectural patterns are emerging all the time. Catching up outdated systems to leverage these developments is a noteworthy trend. You can choose from a range of modernization options, such as lift & shift, replatforming, rearchitecting, replacement, and retirement. If you're facing a huge backlog of technical debt, the answer may be application modernization. Simply stated, application modernization is a revolution that’s been brewing for years, and if you haven’t fully embraced it yet, check out its five pillars...

5 Pillars of Application Modernization2022-12-21T20:12:37-08:00

Data Modernization 101

Data is the lifeblood of any company today. Rare will you attend a business meeting without mentions of EBITDA, KPIs, OKRs, and a growing array of acronyms emblazoned on executive dashboards. We've morphed from starving to get enough data to swimming in it. We're now faced with a new challenge: making sense of data, turning data into useful information. And the way forward is data modernization.

Data Modernization 1012022-12-06T18:34:25-08:00

Factors Driving Up Your Cloud Costs

We're growing increasingly dependent on cloud computing, and that means costs rise with that growth. We've written about cloud economics before, as it's always important to our clients and associates. As we wrap up another year, it's worth having a look at the factors driving up your cloud costs. It can help with year end reviews and new year planning.

Factors Driving Up Your Cloud Costs2022-10-13T19:12:52-07:00

Death by Coding: People, Process, and Planning in Software Development

In a recent conversation with Webapper, a lead developer said “In order to ship on time, I just need more time to code.” He went on to say “If I didn’t have to spend all this time on the product roadmap, I could ship on time.” After three decades in software development, these statements sound significant alarm bells...

Death by Coding: People, Process, and Planning in Software Development2022-06-09T14:59:45-07:00

Hybrid Cloud Security

Over the years, we've worked with a variety of companies that use public, private, and hybrid cloud configurations. Hybrid clouds require careful initial configuration & migration and ongoing diligent management over time. Proper hybrid cloud security protects data, applications, and resources across all environments, while allowing access to useful workloads in the cloud environment. We've assembled six areas to address with hybrid cloud security.

Hybrid Cloud Security2022-04-21T17:48:21-07:00

Getting Started with AWS S3 Storage

Organizations of any size and in any industry can use Amazon S3 buckets to facilitate public cloud storage. In Amazon Web Services' (AWS), Simple Storage Service (S3) stores objects, which consist of data and descriptive metadata. Many companies deploy S3 for their websites, mobile apps, application file storage, and backups.

Getting Started with AWS S3 Storage2023-08-01T16:44:21-07:00

7 Critical Areas for Your Information Technology Annual Review

Closing out the year affords the chance to see what went right, what went wrong, and what to do next. We wanted to share our insights to help you. Here are 7 critical areas for your information technology annual review.

7 Critical Areas for Your Information Technology Annual Review2021-12-14T22:42:08-08:00
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