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Creating Your Foundation for SaaS Marketing

If you're marketing (or planning to market) software as a service, you have a significant amount of work ahead. Having worked on a few different SaaS products, we have seen the difficulties firsthand. When marketing works, it's super fun. When prospects ignore you, it's demotivating. We'll outline a strategic framework for creating your foundation for SaaS marketing.

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f you're reading this post, you either thought the headline was nuts or you read the term(s) somewhere and googled to find out what it means. Welcome to our cloud, where we frequently teach cloud computing concepts related to cloud economics. PURI NURI AURI are just that: ways to structure your cloud account to minimize expenses.

What Is PURI NURI AURI?2022-03-17T20:45:10+00:00

Choosing a SaaS Application Development Platform

If you're committing to developing a SaaS product (to take over your market!), you'll also want to evaluate technology stacks. Perhaps you have in-house expertise in something, but you'll want to verify that it's feasible for SaaS. Bear in mind that you'll be married to this platform for 5-10 years. We'll outline key factors you should address when choosing the best application development platform for your SaaS solution.

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Business Lessons of the Pandemic

Webapper doesn’t profess to have all the answers for navigating such turbulent times. As we reflect on what we see in the market and review our own situation, we seek clarity. We hope we can help others handle their businesses more effectively in this challenging period. Here are some ideas to jump start your efforts for marketing during the pandemic.

Business Lessons of the Pandemic2021-05-03T17:15:40+00:00
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