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SaaS Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads is essential for growing a SaaS product. As a team that not only builds SaaS products for others, we also practice what we preach on our own SaaS solution. Here are some ideas we use for SaaS lead generation, and perhaps your organization could employ a few of these tactics too.

SaaS Lead Generation2023-05-16T20:42:11-07:00

Scaling SaaS

Scaling your SaaS solution requires strategic planning, a focus on sustainable revenue growth, investment in infrastructure, iteration of processes, attention to customer satisfaction, and diligent effort with security. While each of these areas are essential in establishing your SaaS foundation, their challenges and impact magnify as you grow.

Scaling SaaS2023-05-09T18:49:20-07:00

Go To Market Strategy for a SaaS Product

When launching a new SaaS product, you need a plan to maximize your ability to launch and acquire new customers. Your Go To Market strategy should focus on defining the unique characteristics of your product and demonstrating how it addresses needs of the target market. After working on a number of startups and SaaS launches, we see four cornerstones for a successful go to market strategy for a SaaS product.

Go To Market Strategy for a SaaS Product2023-04-26T21:46:04-07:00

The Case for Private SaaS

As security challenges mount for enterprise customers, we see an emergence of private SaaS solutions. Enterprises and large organizations who need major customizations to the system, stringent security, or definitive control over their environment use private SaaS (dedicated SaaS). Private SaaS differs from multi-tenant SaaS model. Rather than a single instance of software being shared by customers, each customer has their own environment.

The Case for Private SaaS2023-04-26T20:52:09-07:00

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in SaaS

AI is permeating everyday life at a rapid clip, especially with the emergence of ChatGPT. But we've only scratched the surface. SaaS applications will see strong growth in AI integrations, including machine learning. The combination of AI/ML in SaaS is powerful, and it will dramatically impact our productivity and capabilities for years to come.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in SaaS2023-05-25T19:09:38-07:00

The Rise of Mobile-First SaaS

In SaaS, it's apparent that most products are developed for desktop first. Given the nature of our hybrid work environment today, many tech experts predict that mobile apps will become increasingly dominant. SaaS businesses that fail to offer mobile-friendly solutions risk losing customers and falling behind their competitors. We see a significant growth opportunity for mobile-first SaaS products.

The Rise of Mobile-First SaaS2023-04-05T19:50:32-07:00

The Rise of MicroSaaS

Software-as-a-Service is huge. A staggering 99% of companies will use at least one SaaS product by the end of 2023. SaaS niches are dominated by a handful of vendors. For example, in CRM, it's Salesforce, Hubspot, ClickUp and Monday. Competitive markets don't preclude innovation though -- we're seeing the emergence of micro solutions to augment these big players. Witness the rise of microSaaS products.

The Rise of MicroSaaS2023-03-30T21:32:25-07:00

Building a SaaS Unicorn

Today, let's take a moment to dream big (we're overdue for an aspirational article). What if you were actually building a SaaS unicorn? It's possible -- so far, over a thousand startups have reached valuations over $1 billion. If becoming a unicorn was easy, everyone would do it, right? Not everyone can, but if you look at SaaS unicorns, you'll see some repeating themes.

Building a SaaS Unicorn2022-11-16T23:09:18-08:00

Building a SaaS Business Is Like Playing Baseball

If you're a baseball fan, we're entering the most wonderful time of the year: MLB playoffs and the World Series. In business, we use so many metaphors from baseball, and with the season upon us, we realized how much building SaaS is like playing baseball. Step into the batter's box, and get ready for our pitch.

Building a SaaS Business Is Like Playing Baseball2022-10-05T17:08:52-07:00

Finding Success in SaaS Using OKRs

For the past few years, Webapper has built its business around some key performance indicators. And with minimal disruption, we've silently pivoted and improved our business. We were able to make transformational progress by setting goals and making our entire team aware of the plan. In fact, our team is all involved in setting up our Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). Here's our guide to finding success in SaaS using OKRs.

Finding Success in SaaS Using OKRs2022-10-05T16:17:49-07:00
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