Testing Tips from Webapper

“Testing is a luxury we cannot afford!” With those words and the simultaneous pounding of the CEO’s fist on the table, my career changed course that sunny spring day in Los Angeles. I knew that the business was doomed. Sure, testing is hard. It’s tedious. And monotonous. But to be successful, a software product must be tested. Another turning point in my career came at another company that insisted that customers were the best testers. No…customers pay for software that works. Testing in the 20’s is much easier than that bygone era. And that’s where we start sharing our testing tips…

The Increasing Importance of Software Testing

A critical element of sticky SaaS products is quality product and quality support. Bugs lead to frustration, and frustration drives churn. The importance of software testing cannot be understated. Technology issues can paralyze customers, so having smart processes in place for issue detection and remedy is not optional anymore.

Automated Testing with Selenium

Automation is the best way to increase test coverage, execution speed, and efficacy in software testing. It eliminates the tedium of manual, error-prone tests and facilitates unattended testing. Automated testing is an important element in your CI/CD process, and Selenium is a powerful platform for it.

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