Amazon S3 Browsers

As an AWS partner, we know the critical role that Amazon S3 plays in a vast majority of cloud environments. Because they deliver a versatile storage solution, S3 buckets are a foundational element of AWS. Web developers use them to house website assets, data scientists use them for raw data storage and analysis, and many organizations use them in their backup strategy. Unfortunately, Amazon S3 can become a dumping ground for media and data. Managing files on S3 can become unwieldy from the AWS Console, and dealing with the many use cases poses security challenges. One of the areas that administrators struggle is simple file management, which has led to an ‘aftermarket’ of tools. One such segment is Amazon S3 browsers.

Amazon S3 Browsers for Windows

If you search for S3 browsers, you’ll find a number of downloadable products for Microsoft Windows. Many offer a free version (with the option for a Pro upgrade), each with a standard Windows graphical user interface. Connecting these tools to a bucket requires downloading the product, installing it, and configuring Amazon keys.

S3 Browser

S3 Browser is an Amazon S3 Windows client to access files and manage S3 storage settings. You can create folders, upload & download files, and perform other file management operations. After you install it in Windows, you configure access by entering the name for your account and access keys. You’ll find both free and paid options.

CloudBerry Explorer

Another Windows option is CloudBerry Explorer, which enables users to access and manage files from local storage and S3 buckets. For end users, configuration can be challenging. Explorer Pro costs $179.99 per year in AWS Marketplace.

Other Windows S3 Browsers

Amazon S3 Browsers for Apple


Cyberduck is an open source browser for Mac & Windows that supports Amazon S3. You can browse Amazon S3 like a local hard drive using IAM credentials. Cyberduck is free, or you can buy it from the App Store or Windows Store for under $25.


DragonDisk is another S3 file manager that enables organizing and sharing data with an interface like Windows Explorer (it is a bit dated). DragonDisk is freeware with versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Other Apple S3 Browsers

CloudSee Drive: Amazon S3 Browser

Browser-based Amazon S3 Browsers

Our preferred mode of accessing S3 is using a regular browser. We aren’t particularly fond of supporting downloaded software — installation, configuration, security management, and support all add IT overhead.

CloudSee Drive

Enter our favorite option, CloudSee Drive, a cloud native application that runs within a browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge), which also allows it to work on mobile devices. With its clean, modern user interface, CloudSee Drive provides teams with an easy-to-use, fast, secure tool to manage S3 files. It’s fast and easy for administrators to enable selected users with individual bucket access and privileges, without providing console access or configuring IAM accounts. The cost is modestly priced, based on users and their metered use. The end result is a simple, secure, cost-effective tool for teams of any size.

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