CI/CD Tips from Webapper

The more we delve into DevOps, the more we appreciate it. It’s definitely an upfront investment, but it gets us to a place where we move fast without breaking things. We’ve implemented CI/CD pipelines for client & internal projects we’ve built from scratch, used enterprise pipelines in projects where we serve as an outsourced service provider, and added them in projects later in their lives (to make it easier to deploy mature applications).  Gene Kim described it aptly in The DevOps Handbook: “At a time when every technology leader is challenged with enabling security, reliability, and agility, and at a time when security breaches, time to market, and massive technology transformation is taking place, DevOps offers a solution.” And that’s where we start sharing our CI/CD tips…

Getting Started with CI/CD

Users expect IT professionals to deliver high-quality, high-performance solutions on regular intervals, leaving little room for error. If your team is thinking of getting started with CI/CD, we share details on why and how you can do so.

Getting Started with CI/CD Tools

Continuous Integration (CI) delivers a consistent, automated method of building, packaging, and testing applications. Listing and explaining all the choices for CI/CD tools would be exhaustive, so we explain the basics and list some of the most popular options today.

Getting Started with CI/CD: Best Practices

Implementing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) is more than picking tools. How you implement them is more important than what systems you use. Using CI/CD best practices helps to ensure a smooth transition into the approach and long-term success with your software development.

The Increasing Importance of Software Testing

A critical element of sticky SaaS products is quality product and quality support. Bugs lead to frustration, and frustration drives churn. The importance of software testing cannot be understated. Technology issues can paralyze customers, so having smart processes in place for issue detection and remedy is not optional anymore.

Automated Testing with Selenium

Automation is the best way to increase test coverage, execution speed, and efficacy in software testing. It eliminates the tedium of manual, error-prone tests and facilitates unattended testing. Automated testing is an important element in your CI/CD process, and Selenium is a powerful platform for it.

Get a Handle on Your Software Delivery Pipeline

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