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Long-time automotive industry experts came up with an idea to unlock the data in dealer management system software, in a way that would yield more sales and profits for dealerships. They had the idea, and a first version of desktop software to prove it out with real-word customers. But in order to make it into a successful and sustainable product, they needed not only a software team with a modern delivery process, but also a hosting infrastructure that would meet the data and scaling demands of a growing SaaS product.


Our customer needed:

  • Aggregate disparate data sources into a single, high-speed, scalable data model.
  • Build a user interface with a workflow allowing for rapid decision-making, resulting in increased sales and profits.
  • Build a highly available and scalable hosting infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing user base.
  • Provide a modern, cloud-based delivery system, for continuous maintenance of the application.


Webapper exceeded the customer’s expectations:

  • Built a multi-source automotive marketplace data importer, with separate hosting and failover from the user-facing application.
  • Built a user-centric interface, with advanced capabilities for searching, filtering and reporting on complex sales data, and mobile-ready as well.
  • Built a “true cloud” multi-data center hosting system.
  • Since 2014, provided an agile software process, supported by cloud delivery mechanisms.
  • Automatically-redundant, autoscaling, self-healing infrastructure.


Webapper continues to:

  • Extend the system with new initiatives.
  • Support and service the platform.
  • Optimize performance in the cloud.

Download the Automotive Industry SaaS Case Study.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It….

It is an incredible thing in today’s business world to find those who actually surpass customer expectations.

Scott C.

Speed, quality or cost? With Webapper, you can have all three!

Chad B.

The Webapper staff are extremely responsive, and more importantly proactive in all matters related to our server management needs. Our development team and I regard them as an extension of our client services. Their direction has been invaluable with our proprietary platform. These guys know their stuff and are total pros.

Joe L.
Icon Media

Webapper has been amazing. They’ve provided phenomenal service, adjusted their offerings to align with our needs, and are always available to assist with any issues that come up.

Jeff H.

We knew that continuing our growth meant finding a partner to guide us through our cloud transformation. We realized we couldn’t just lift and shift the application. We needed to reconfigure our application so that it could scale. Webapper understood our technical requirements and listened to our needs. Then they designed a solution that we felt gave us the best chance to succeed.

Chris B.
Atlantic British

The Webapper team is highly skilled and very professional. Their process-oriented approach continues to give me a high degree of confidence my project is being done right.

Pete C.

We definitely recommend Webapper to others. Webapper is a top-notch website design firm that also houses and manages the infrastructure needed to power the site. When we first saw our website, we loved how modern and colorful it looked, a good contrast to text information that our firm displays on the website. The cost was reasonable. The service was outstanding. The team there is fun to work with, and their responsiveness is excellent. Overall, it’s been a pleasure working with them.

Jim W.
Altman Weil


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