The Benefits of Desktop as a Service

Deploying Desktop as a Service (DaaS) infrastructure can save IT departments significant amounts of time, energy, and money. With more employees working remotely, DaaS offers advantages that make it quite appealing. Here are six benefits of Desktop as a Service.

Desktop as a Service Enables More Efficient IT

One of the driving factors of emergence of DaaS is its ability to help make IT providers faster and more efficient. IT staff can manage base desktop images using a 1-to-many approach instead of supporting and maintaining desktops 1-to-1. And IT can onboard new users faster or support existing desktops with application updates and fixes more efficiently.

DaaS Enables Cost Savings

By virtualizing desktops & applications in the cloud, organizations can realize additional benefits of virtualization and the cloud. Benefits include greater business agility, reduced capital expenditures (CAPEX), and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for networking, servers, desktops, applications, and storage.

DaaS Security Is Next Level

DaaS on cloud platforms like AWS or Azure immediately delivers several layers of protection typically unavailable with your on-premise systems. First, AWS has dedicated staff who research, monitor and implement best security practices to keep the cloud safe. In addition, DaaS is attractive for its security since data & applications live in the cloud. With DaaS, nothing ever really goes out the door since data cannot doesn’t reside locally. If a device is lost or stolen, the data is still secure. If an employee resigns, the company simply disables that employee’s DaaS account.

Identity Management Further Improves Security

Security processes should be transparent and non-invasive to users. DaaS platform providers like AWS provide secure and easy access to applications and desktops using identity systems like Microsoft AD and Single Sign-On (SSO) with multi-factor authentication. Note, it is important to clarify security roles & responsibilities between your company and outside vendors to avoid possible gaps.

Lock Down Even More with Network Isolation

Network isolation, such as isolating payroll data from call center users, is another option that keeps data more secure. Limited access limits unauthorized access.

DaaS Streamlines Workspace & Application Management

Finally, a truly compelling advantage of DaaS solutions is that you can leverage your existing knowledge, technology, and processes. You’re simply adding the advantages that DaaS provider offers. For end users, virtual desktops can be persistent (enabling them to save their settings) or non-persistent (no changes are saved after the user logs out). In reality, your IT team won’t be stressed by “something new”.

Capture the Benefits of Desktop as a Service

You have a number of options when it comes to a virtual office. AWS has WorkSpaces and NICE DCV, which we recommend. With planning, you can leverage DaaS to lower IT costs (e.g., CAPEX) and operating costs (e.g., office leases). And with more flexibility, improved security, streamlined workflows, and lower costs, you’ll be able to make  a strong business case for a transition. It’s becoming a virtual world — get virtual desktops and capture the benefits of Desktop as a Service!

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