Our support model is one of the most popular features of our managed cloud hosting. Most support from traditional providers is either “set it and forget it” support for ColdFusion, where the platform falls behind in terms of updates and security patches, or, “finger-pointing” support, where you’re told that a problem you’re having is “in your code.” Because of our unparalled experience supporting ColdFusion-based platforms, together with our AWS training/accreditations/certifications, we’re able to provide a true full-stack support experience. Importantly, applying updates/patches to your ColdFusion runtime is included in your hosting fees.

We provide two primary kinds of support, as follows:

  • Basic Hosting Support. This consists of the basic services needed to support you and your hosted systems, such as email/phone communication, security patching and other software updates, review/confirmation of backups, system monitoring, and minor service adjustments requested (e.g., opening a firewall port).
  • Advanced Hosting Support. These are “heavy lifting” services available to meet advanced needs for your system, such as assisting with better devops (continous integration/deployment, automated unit testing, etc.), implementing new cloud design patterns for better performance or failover, advanced programming assistance, and more. Advanced Hosting Support services are available at your request, tailored to a budget you set, and are billed at a discounted rate available only to our AWS hosting customers.

In addition, we can provide full lifecycle development services, either via our in-house development team (yes, your hosting company actually develops software!), or, via numerous staff augmentation solutions that we can help you utilize.

In keeping with current trends, this support model allows for a seamless collaboration between your development team(s) and your hosting operations.