The AWS Outage – A Dark Cloud?

The recent service disruption on AWS was…interesting…to say the least. It impacted many popular services, but it was not a typical outage. As an AWS partner, we experienced some inconveniences, but the impact on our customers was minimal (most may not have noticed). With the big news coverage — when the Big Kahuna has a hiccup, it’s news — you’d think the sky was falling. But technology isn’t perfect, and even Google Cloud Platform goes awry too. The upside is that each challenge leads to system improvements, ensuring history doesn’t repeat. To help you understand the whole story of this AWS outage, we assembled a few stories that explain in more detail — instant perspective.

AWS outage takes down Coinbase, Netflix, Disney+

AWS’ website notified users that it was experiencing issues with a number of APIs and the AWS Management Console. Problems were confined to AWS’ main US-East-1 region, which is hosted in North Virginia, so many customers may not have experienced issues.

AWS outage: Our bad, admits Amazon, albeit vaguely

It turns out the widespread December 7 AWS outage was caused by Amazon’s own software, and its response was hampered by … its own software. What does Amazon’s postmortem actually tell us?

AWS outage hit collaboration vendors, highlights risk of cloud-based tools

Software-as-a-service providers including Slack, Trello, Asana, and Smartsheet saw disruptions after API and network issues hit Amazon Web Services’ U.S. data center.

Outage and Recovery: What Comes Next After AWS Disruption

Though many services were eventually restored, questions remain about the risks of concentrated reliance on cloud providers.

Cloud infrastructure services vendor market share worldwide from Q4 2017 to Q3 2021

In the third quarter of 2021, the most popular vendor in the cloud infrastructure services market, Amazon Web Services (AWS), controlled 32 percent of the entire market. Microsoft Azure takes second place with 21 percent market share, followed by Google Cloud with eight percent market share.

Google Cloud Network Hit with Outage

This week [November 16, 2021], the widely popular Google Cloud network experienced a service outage, which resulted in many websites generating error messages when guests visited certain pages.

The Takeaway from the AWS Outage

The AWS outage was not really a big deal, and it is not the first time technology has failed us. It’s important to remember that even the most popular and well-functioning technology services can experience challenges. Understanding these disruptions is essential in order to avoid them, and it helps us learn from mistakes so we’re better prepared for future problems. In spite of these errors, we all need to continue innovating for our customers’ sake. What are your thoughts about the recent service disruption on Amazon Web Services?

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