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Webapper is a one-stop-shop for ColdFusion & Lucee solutions.

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Stuck with problems building and maintaining your ColdFusion CFML systems? Webapper is a U.S.-based, comprehensive web application development and hosting provider company with extensive CF development & support experience. We can service all your ColdFusion development and hosting requirements, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Webapper: ColdFusion
Webapper: ColdFusion
Webapper: Lucee
Webapper: Lucee

Webapper Is Your One-Stop ColdFusion & Lucee Shop

Development & Support

Webapper brings an experienced development team with decades of ColdFusion/CFML experience. We can easily extend or improve existing applications. We’ve worked on a broad range of ColdFusion integrations such as ecommerce, payment gateways, image processing, and other API integrations.

Migration Services

Webapper can tune and optimize applications for optimal performance. We are also well-know for migrating CF apps from traditional data centers to the cloud, or from Adobe ColdFusion servers to Lucee. With hundreds of projects under our belt, we definitely know our stuff.

ColdFusion & Lucee
Web Hosting

One of our motivations to offer managed hosting in the AWS cloud was seeing many customers paying substantial prices for “cloud” hosting, while getting little more than virtual servers. We deliver dramatically better ColdFusion & Lucee hosting options, often for lower costs than our customers were paying previously.

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We’re building a new kind of hosting offering that delivers a cutting-edge combination of hosting infrastructure and platform excellence. It’s the best in hosted Lucee or ColdFusion services available.

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Webapper SeeFusion: The First ColdFusion Monitoring Tool

We Are the Makers of SeeFusion
The World’s First ColdFusion Monitoring Tool

SeeFusion is a utility for monitoring and troubleshooting CF application servers. SeeFusion gives you the ability to “see” how your servers are processing requests in real time.

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