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Adobe Solution Partner

Application Development

Our development practice specializes in building complex custom-built Web applications, or in migrating legacy applications to the Web. We offer full lifecycle development services leveraging ColdFusion, Java, AngularJS, and other leading technologies, and we deliver fast, scalable, maintainable, state-of-the-art applications.

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ColdFusion Performance Engineering

We've provided hundreds of customers with just the help needed—no more, no less—to get past a problem. Server down, or slow? Our flagship "TNT" offering will get you back online, every time. Hosting infrastructure showing its age? Our infrastructure services will deliver a successful hosting upgrade and migration.

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Our flagship product—SeeFusion™—gives customers the ability to maximize their investments in ColdFusion by gaining real-time insight into server processing. Related products including SeeStack™, SeeDotNet™, SeeGC™, and others are soon to come.

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Featured Work

Profit Analysis & Reporting Application

Profit Analysis and Reporting Application Who: A successful regional auto dealership that branched out to provide dealership management software and services.
What: In achieving great success as a regional auto dealership, this customer had been slowly developing and using a profit reporting and analysis application in-house. After deciding to offer the application to the broader industry, the customer needed a development partner to rewrite the application from the ground up as rock-solid, secure, mobile-ready 21st century SaaS software.
Webapper: After an initial application audit revealed substantial problems with functionality and security, we rebuilt the original in-house application from the ground up using advanced ColdFusion and AngularJS development practices, resulting in a fast, intuitive, secure, mobile-friendly application. We also created a RESTful service layer for integration with existing dealer management systems at customer locations. Finally, we launched the application into Webapper's Amazon Web Services cloud, thus completing delivery of the full range of our web application engineering capabilities.

Server Monitoring & Troubleshooting RIA

SeeFusion 5 - ColdFusion AngularJS Application Who: Us (as in "we eat our own dogfood" ).
What: When it came time to say goodbye to plugin-based Rich Internet Applications, we needed a solution to replace the Flex-based user interface of our popular SeeFusion server monitoring tool.
Webapper: Leveraging our ninja skills with AngularJS (which includes advanced training with Google), we built a hybrid Java and AngularJS web application, replacing the Flex-based UI entirely, right down to realtime charting. We also reduced the size of the client-side (AngularJS) codebase by 60% over the course of the development project.

Extreme ColdFusion Performance Engineering

Extreme ColdFusion Performance Engineering Who: A global racing brand and the most-watched sporting event in the world.
What: With a global TV audience craving lots of additional/supplemental content on the web, this uber-recognized racing brand needed extreme performance from a highly scalable hosting infrastructure to handle the traffic of the racing world's peak-season finale, the Indianapolis 500.
Webapper: Leveraging our unparalleled experience as the world's leader in ColdFusion performance engineering, together with our substantial investment in the Amazon Web Services cloud in recent years, we delivered a hosting architecture that dynamically grew to 10 servers at peak load, handled doubling and tripling of traffic from one minute to the next, and ultimately handled over 400 requests per second with blazing speed and 100% uptime. Oh, and, did we mention we delivered the entire solution in under a month? This was such a homerun for us that Adobe made it a featured case study for ColdFusion.

ERP Data Mining Application

ERP Data Mining Application Who: A world leader in providing ERP analytics to the grocery industry.
What: This customer had been providing critical decision-making analytics to the grocery industry for years in the form of extremely complex spreadsheets on CDs. As the customer base and complexity of the data both grew, this format was no longer workable. The customer found us based on our reputation for migrating complex legacy software to the Web, on-time and on-budget.
Webapper: We imported a huge amount of spreadsheet-stored data to a SQL Server database, and then incorporated all of the business rules into a rich data mining and visualization application built with ColdFusion. The customer was able to sell access to the new Web-based system for a 5-figure licensing fee, thereby dramatically increasing revenue opportunities. We later performed a follow-up development project to incorporate live data feeds into the system (as opposed to manual data imports in the first version), thereby increasing the system's value even further by reducing maintenance costs. In 2012 and 2015, we made good use of our highly structured and disciplined development methodologies and tooling to add substantially large and complex new modules to the system. And 2015 will see the addition of a RESTful service layer for integration with other systems to increase value and ROI even more.

Hosting Infrastructure Upgrade/Migration

Hosting Infrastructure Upgrade/Migration Who: A successful SaaS company providing curriculum management software to universities.
What: As a victim of its own success, this customer's SaaS offering was based on a one-customer-per-ColdFusion-instance architecture. What worked at one point in the customer's history became wholly unmaintainable and unscalable. The customer was quite literally painted into a technology corner. The existing system was comprised of over 130 individual ColdFusion instances, and was rife with single points of failure and maintenance headaches.
Webapper: We performed a comprehensive system audit, designed an entirely new application and hosting infrastructure, and assisted with implementation, testing and final migration. The end result was a new, 5-server, 20-instance system with load balancing and failover, and even a clustered scheduled task implementation.