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Cloud Security

Most businesses are migrating more applications, systems and processes to the cloud. Many companies resist the cloud's numerous advantages because of lingering concerns over security in cloud computing. While concerns are understandable, when implemented correctly, cloud computing security is just as reliable as on-premise technology.

Self Healing Systems

If you've hung around with the cloud computing crowd, you've probably heard the term "self healing systems". One of the primary drivers of cloud technology adoption is the elasticity of resources, which dovetails nicely with healing. Self healing systems, by definition, monitor themselves for errors and then correct them, without human intervention. Think of it like you would your own health - if you're hungry, you eat; if you're tired, you sleep; if you have a headache, you take aspirin. When you run, your heart rate accelerates -- until you stop, and then it ramps down. The objective of self healing systems is uninterrupted uptime for applications, services or devices. In cloud environments, it typically entails redundant, scalable server configurations that respond to varied demand, hardware failures, or other problems.