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Webapper hosts SaaS applications in the cloud and scales them as you grow.
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SaaS Hosting Partner for Small and Midsize Businesses

We’ve been building custom web software since the 90’s. We started a hosting business for some of those applications too, way back in the mid-2000s. And that’s what lead us to where we are today: a true cloud SaaS hosting partner based on AWS.

If you’re like us, you trusted those big, established, name-brand hosting companies. But shortly after they sign you up, the service starts to suck. You quickly learn it’s not really the cloud, and the guys answering the phones don’t know you or your application. When something goes wrong, you start asking yourself what you can do…

And that’s where Webapper comes in.

Partner with Us for White Glove Hosting & Support for Your SaaS Application

Secure, Hosted SaaS Deployment in Flexible Cloud Environments

Nothing hurts your customer retention like outages and slow performance. Deliver the best customer experience and spend less time managing infrastructure with Webapper’s managed SaaS hosting services. We know how to alleviate scalability and performance issues, without paying an arm & a leg. You simply cannot afford to set it and forget it, which is what the big hosting companies want you to do.

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Webapper: Cloud SaaS Hosting - Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Webapper Knows SaaS Hosting. We Build & Host SaaS. All Day, Every Day… 

Webapper has provided excellent service to our small company who often needs more hand-holding than we’d like to admit! We would not hesitate to refer them to others.

Pam P.
Mikula Web Solutions

There has been extremely little downtime on our web servers (negligible, in fact) and the technical help has been superb – timely and accurate. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Jack M.
Mikula Web Solutions

Since we have been with Webapper, we have not experienced any server down time. In addition, Webapper has provided us with excellent technical support.

Mary Ann B.
Mikula Web Solutions

The Webapper staff are extremely responsive, and more importantly proactive in all matters related to our server management needs. Our development team and I regard them as an extension of our client services. Their direction has been invaluable with our proprietary platform. These guys know their stuff and are total pros.

Joe L.
Icon Media

Webapper has been amazing. They’ve provided phenomenal service, adjusted their offerings to align with our needs, and are always available to assist with any issues that come up.

Jeff H.

We knew that continuing our growth meant finding a partner to guide us through our cloud transformation. We realized we couldn’t just lift and shift the application. We needed to reconfigure our application so that it could scale. Webapper understood our technical requirements and listened to our needs. Then they designed a solution that we felt gave us the best chance to succeed.

Chris B.
Atlantic British

The Webapper team is highly skilled and very professional. Their process-oriented approach continues to give me a high degree of confidence my project is being done right.

Pete C.
Webapper Managed Cloud Hosting: AWS Certified Solution Architect
Webapper Managed Cloud Hosting: AWS Certified Developer
Webapper Managed Cloud Hosting: Amazon Partner Network - Consulting Partner
Webapper Managed Cloud Hosting: AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
Webapper Managed Cloud Hosting: Amazon Certified Cloud Practitioner


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