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The Webapper Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing is essentially advertising delivered using digital channels such as social media, email, search engines, and other websites. In fact, digital marketing can be done either online of offline. To help you market effectively, we combine design, technology and business strategy into a unified discipline.

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    We have developed intelligent tools with a corresponding process to help you improve your digital marketing.

    Webapper Digital Marketing: Personas


    Webapper starts with your ideal customer persona — profiles of your best customers and prospects. Our objective is to help you find your audience so your marketing efforts are invested effectively.

    Webapper Digital Marketing: Channels


    Next, we analyze your mix of marketing channels to see what you have been doing, looking for both successes and problems. The goal for any digital marketing agency is to find out how you’re gaining attention to see what’s working (do more of that!) and what isn’t (do less of that…).

    Webapper Digital Marketing: Message


    We’ll explore your marketing hooks — how you get interest in your brand. This review includes your brand, your voice, and your imagery to see what draws interest.

    Webapper Digital Marketing: Funnel Offers


    We can explore the offers driving your business — how do you create desire for your brand, your products, and your services that feed your sales funnel.

    Webapper: Customer Journey Map


    Then we can create a detailed map of your current customer journey. The map follows your customer flow from initial contact through (hopefully) retention. With this map in hand, we look for friction points that slow down your sales process.


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