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Cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) deliver strong technology platforms. But it’s up to each organization using AWS to configure networking, access controls, and monitoring securely within their own network. Since configuring cloud environments is relatively new, most IT teams lack the experience to do it properly. Mistakes can be disastrous, resulting in embarrassing, costly data breaches and security incidents. Even if you’re simply testing feasibility of cloud platforms and services, you’re at risk.

For some organizations, cloud migration creates an opportunity to “start over” with infrastructure that leaves many past mistakes behind. For others, starting over leads to a great deal of work: recreating identity management, setting governance policies, realigning security checkpoints, building data workflows, and more. Our certified cloud security solutions team brings extensive experience to help your in-house staff implement security measures aimed at improving your cloud governance. For a faster rollout of foundational policies, Webapper takes advantage of pre-built governance policy templates in AWS CloudFormation that simplify and expedite meeting security & compliance requirements. Webapper employs best practices and built-in AWS tools to secure each cloud environment.

AWS Shared Responsibility

Amazon Web Services (AWS) takes their security responsibilities seriously. To manage customer concerns, Amazon strives to make their environments even more secure that on-premise data centers. That said, Amazon’s “Shared Responsibility Model” limits their involvement and delegates part of the monitoring and compliance to AWS users. AWS shifted the onus to customers to close the data security loop in their own environments. Thus, AWS is responsible for security “of the cloud” and customers are responsible for security “in the cloud.”

Why Webapper’s Cloud Security Solutions Work

Expected Cloud Security Threats

According to the 2019 Cloud Security Report by Cybersecurity Insiders, businesses are increasingly worried about security threats in public clouds.






Cloud Platform

 Webapper’s Cloud Security Approach

Our cloud security solutions consultants have developed a comprehensive approach to ensure your company aligns with best practices in areas.

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Infrastructure Protection

  • Data Protection

  • Security Operations

  • Applications and API

  • Platforms


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