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With the advent of cloud technology, we’ve been able to transform into a new kind of hosting company, where we combine AWS’s leading cloud technology with our extensive web application engineering expertise. The result is a BoS-inspired (10+ years attending!) experience for our customers, who benefit not only from a modern “true cloud” hosting infrastructure, but also from boutique-style technical support and related software services. If there's one lesson that stands out from more than a decade of BoS wisdom, it's that culture eats strategy for lunch. We've built a culture-first hosting company, one that we think will be worthy of your BoS product or service.

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Maximize Your Application's Uptime, Performance and Scalability


One of the hardest but most important things to do, when building your cloud architecture is to eliminate Single Point of Failure (SPoF) architectures. We can build multiple levels of redundancy into your cloud platform, including serverless architectures, to maximize uptime to the greatest extent possible.


As the cloud has evolved, infrastructure components and concepts have changed, such that engineering for maximum performance has changed accordingly. As longtime performance experts, we can optimize "lift and shift" systems in the cloud, as well as cloud native applications that can leverage bleeding-edge performance improvements.


One of the key benefits of using cloud computing is being able to scale up or down as needed. We'll optimize your configuration so that the value and costs of your environment are aligned. As you expand and adapt, we'll provide a map that tracks components and dependencies in order to plan always-optimized capacity.

Webapper Cloud Application Engineers

Webapper Knows Cloud Hosting

AWS Certifications

We have several Amazon AWS credentials, including the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate designation. While our extensive experience with diverse Internet-based systems sets us apart, in addition our AWS Partner Network credentials attest to our knowledge of building and deploying systems in the AWS cloud. We have extensive knowledge of architectural best practices based on our experience deploying, configuring, and managing network, storage, security, database and other services in AWS.

Application Migration

Drawing on our decades of application development experience, we specialize in cloud migrations, including web applications and mobile apps. You've probably invested extensively in your application to run day-to-day operations. We'll help you leverage your investment and optimize it for cloud infrastructure.


A key advantage of the AWS Cloud is that it allows you to scale and innovate at a fraction of the cost of legacy hosting environments. This means that you can have big-budget scalability at much lower costs (e.g., a clustered/multi-server database tier). We'll help you define, implement, monitor and manage your requirements for all scalability needs.

  • APC
  • UCLA
  • Visa
  • Home Depot
  • US Air Force
  • Sempra Eneregy
  • Lilly
  • Royal Bank of Scotland

What Webapper Does

Planning & Mapping

Mapping applications to the cloud paradigm will determine how much value the business can draw from the migration. We will take time to understand your business, your needs, and your goals. We value clarity above all else (our #1 company value), and you'll experience the benefits of that through our planning processes.

Migrating Applications

We'll optimize your configuration so you draw maximum value from your environment. As you expand and adapt, we'll help you manage the rapid changes enabled by the cloud, so that your business goals can be achieved more quickly.

Migrating Data & Databases

Migrating databases to the cloud is usually the most difficult part, often requiring downtime and changes in application logic. We'll help manage the full lifecycle of database migration.

Security & Compliance

Major cloud service providers are required to meet the highest security standards. Authentication, authorization, logging, and auditing are built in to all cloud platforms, but you must still implement proper security policies for your architecture, and we will assist with the "shared responsibility model" of the cloud.


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