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Adobe Solution Partner


Since 2004, Webapper's product development practice has been a leader in creating tools that help customers maximize investments in the Web as a platform for business computing. Our flagship product—SeeFusion™—has helped nearly 800 organizations around the world gain deeper insight into performance and stability problems on thousands of production systems. And Webapper is currently working to extend the success of SeeFusion™ to other tools and platforms, such as SeeStack™, SeeDotNet™, and others.

Contact us today with questions about SeeFusion™ or other SeeSoftware™.

Looking for SeeFusion™?

SeeFusion™ is already well-known for having support that's second-to-none—fast, friendly and effective. But we're not resting on our laurels—we're in the process of moving the current SeeFusion™ product site here, in order to make your purchase and support experiences even better. For now, click here to visit for all product information:

SeeFusion - ColdFusion Monitoring and Troubleshooting