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Adobe Solution Partner

Application Development

Our development practice specializes in building complex custom-built Web applications, or in migrating legacy applications to the Web. We offer full lifecycle development services leveraging ColdFusion, Java, Flex, and other leading technologies, and we deliver fast, scalable, maintainable, state-of-the-art applications.

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ColdFusion Performance Engineering

We've provided hundreds of customers with just the help needed—no more, no less—to get past a problem. Server down, or slow? Our flagship "TNT" offering will get you back online, every time. Hosting infrastructure showing its age? Our infrastructure services will deliver a successful hosting upgrade and migration.

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Our flagship product—SeeFusion™—gives customers the ability to maximize their investments in ColdFusion by gaining real-time insight into server processing. Related products including SeeStack™, SeeDotNet™, SeeGC™, and others are soon to come.

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Featured Work

In-store Customer Interaction Application

In-store Customer Interaction Application Who: A $20 million point-of-purchase display manufacturing company.
What: In the incredibly competitive consumer electronics marketplace, it's no longer good enough just to be selling to your customers. You have to be engaging them, and this customer of ours begins the engagement process right at the product display. Our customer developed a system for tracking product interactions on the product displays themselves (buttons pushed on a smartphone, product videos viewed, etc.), and needed a Web application that could pull in all of the customer interaction data from the servers inside the stores.
Webapper: The customer's CTO discovered us as a result of our reputation for writing highly-structured, well-planned Web applications. We built a data streaming and reporting application that "talked" to thousands of product displays at premiere retail outlets around the country. With product displays "calling in" to the central reporting application 24/7, the system needed to be highly available and highly fault-tolerant—the perfect challenge for our combined custom development and performance engineering talents. We delivered a maintainable, high-performance, visually rich data processing and reporting application, using ColdFusion, Flex, and SQL Server, and in the process allowed our customer to provide a substantial competitive advantage to its global consumer electronics customers.

Big-screen Reporting Dashboard

Big-screen Reporting Dashboard Who: A global consumer electronics and manufacturing giant.
What: Based on the success of our In-store Customer Interaction Application, this premiere consumer electronics company wanted a big-screen (think 52-inch high-definition LCD TV) reporting dashboard to monitor the rollout and performance of its in-store customer interaction displays. The big-screen display would be viewable by key managers and decision-makers in order to track the effectiveness of the program.
Webapper: Leveraging the data and server infrastructure that we built for the original Customer Interaction Application, we added in the Google Maps APIs in order to create a realtime interactive map and reporting dashboard, designed specifically for the large-screen form factor.

Extreme ColdFusion Performance Engineering

Extreme ColdFusion Performance Engineering Who: A small iPhone gaming company with a very active user base.
What: With the explosive growth of the smartphone and tablet markets, high-performance centralized servers (for data feeds, synchronization, etc.) are more in demand than ever before. This customer needed such a solution for storing high scores and related gaming data for its iPhone game customers.
Webapper: The customer discovered us as a result of our reputation for being the best-of-the-best when it comes to ColdFusion performance engineering. We applied our best practices and tuned a single 32-bit server to be able to handle an astonishing 233 requests per second.

ERP Data Mining Application

ERP Data Mining Application Who: A world leader in providing ERP analytics to the grocery industry.
What: This customer had been providing critical decision-making analytics to the grocery industry for years in the form of extremely complex spreadsheets on CDs. As the customer base and complexity of the data both grew, this format was no longer workable. The customer found us based on our reputation for migrating complex legacy software to the Web, on-time and on-budget.
Webapper: We imported a huge amount of spreadsheet-stored data to a SQL Server database, and then incorporated all of the business rules into a rich data mining and visualization application built with ColdFusion. The customer was able to sell access to the new Web-based system for a 5-figure licensing fee, thereby dramatically increasing revenue opportunities. We later performed a follow-up development project to incorporate live data feeds into the system (as opposed to manual data imports in the first version), thereby increasing the system's value even further by reducing maintenance costs.

Hosting Infrastructure Upgrade/Migration

Hosting Infrastructure Upgrade/Migration Who: A small firm with thousands of customers for its popular project managment software-as-a-service application.
What: This customer's hosting infrastructure was showing its age, both in terms of performance and maintainability. It needed to be upgraded to a modernized, high-performance, high-availability hosting infrastructure, but without impacting a 24/7 global user base.
Webapper: The original infrastructure consisted of 3 separate hosting environments, with customers manually assigned to each based on geographic location, making performance, failover and management all unnecessarily difficult. We designed a state-of-the art hosting infrastructure, and combined the separate servers into a single cluster, with load balancing and failover for the Web tier, realtime replication and failover at the data tier, and with total downtime of just a few hours for the entire migration (data, applications, settings, DNS, etc.).

"Server Down" Engagement

Temp Image Who: A global law firm with 11 offices worldwide, more than 30 separate practice areas, and a slew of client-facing features and applications.
What: In a classic case of servers "hitting the wall," the customer started experiencing sudden severe performance and stability problems with its client-facing sites.
Webapper: We provided our full range of ColdFusion TNT expertise, rapidly diagnosing and tuning bottlenecks "holistically" in a variety of areas—query indexing and related tuning, PDF generation, memory utilization and critical software upgrades/patches, all in less than a week's time.

Asset Management Application

Business Asset Manager Who: A $25 million robotics repair company (Honda of America's 2007 Supplier of the Year).
What: With a massive inventory of customer repairable assets, this company was suffering from a legacy software solution that had evolved into 42 separate data silos, introducing significant financial, operational and strategic blind spots in the company's business.
Webapper: The customer discovered us as a result of our reputation for writing highly-structured, well-planned Web applications. We delivered a maintainable, high-performance, visually rich data processing and reporting application, using ColdFusion, Flex, and SQL Server (including Reporting Services), and in the process migrated 42 separate databases into a single data store that will power the company to its next level of growth.