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Adobe Solution Partner

Performance Engineering Services

Our performance engineering practice is a one-stop shop for all of your ColdFusion performance engineering needs. Our service offerings have been developed and honed over many years, and through hundreds upon hundreds of successful engagements, and they deliver a full spectrum of expertise that covers the entire "Performance and Stability Stack." Webapper's performance engineering practice is a world leader in ColdFusion performance and stability expertise—most of our engineers are former employees from the consulting, support and engineering teams at Allaire/Macromedia/Adobe. Browse our service descriptions below to see how Webapper can help you maximize the potential of ColdFusion as a platform for business computing.

Server Down?

Maximize ColdFusion uptime by drawing upon Webapper's unparalleled experience tuning and stabilizing ColdFusion systems. Not sure if you're interested in long-term support yet? Then start with a ColdFusion TNT engagement—the fastest and most effective way to tune and stabilize your ColdFusion servers. Period.

ColdFusion TNT™ Services

ColdFusion Tuning and Troubleshooting

Webapper has been tuning and troubleshooting ColdFusion systems since the 1990s, when the founders and senior engineers at Webapper worked for Allaire Corporation, the creators of ColdFusion. With hundreds of TNT™ customers around the world, and with our success as the creators of SeeFusion™, the world's first tool for monitoring and troubleshooting ColdFusion servers, there simply isn't another firm anywhere with the unique combination of tuning and troubleshooting experience and expertise that Webapper has developed.

If you've got a ColdFusion system with performance and/or stability problems, contact us today. There isn't any way to get your systems tuned and stabilized more quickly and effectively.

 Infrastructure Services

The foundation of a Web application can make all the difference for maximum uptime, performance and stability. And a proper foundation requires the optimal infrastructure—from hardware specs, to the operating system, and in particular the proper installation and configuration of ColdFusion itself.

Recent examples of successful Infrastructure Services engagements include numerous customers for whom we've designed and implemented complete 64-bit ColdFusion systems (O/S, ColdFusion/Java, database), including in virtualized environments.

If you're upgrading your hosting infrastructure, upgrading or migrating from an older version of ColdFusion, or if you have clustering needs, then contact us today to secure our Infrastructure Services to ensure a high performing, high availability system.

 Launch Services

If you're preparing to launch a new application, or to increase traffic to an existing application, then the capacity planning expertise of our Launch Services is essential to ensuring success. Over the years, our engineers have conducted countless engagements working with the best tools and methodologies for load-testing and stress-testing ColdFusion applications for capacity planning purposes. Contact us today to ensure the effectiveness and validity of your capacity planning process.

 Database Services

In our experience, approximately 75% of all Web application bottlenecks can be traced to database problems. Whether your problem is missing or improperly configured indexes, or inefficient data retrieval methods, we'll find your database bottlenecks and fix them, every time.

In addition, most database environments that we encounter are dramatically under-configured for replication and failover, and disaster planning and recovery. From implementing real-time replication and failover, to planning and implementing comprehensive disaster recovery solutions, contact us today about our Database Services to ensure that your data is always available, and at lightning fast speeds.

 Boost Your Development

We regularly work with customers who have their own in-house developers, but who nonetheless want a third party to keep development projects on time and on budget, and always in line with industry best practices for engineering great Web applications. Our Senior Architects can engage your development team at any step in the lifecycle in order to make sure you're getting the best possible return on your development investments:

  • Requirements gathering and system specification writing
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • User interface and interaction design
  • Development and testing environment setup and configuration
  • Application framework/architecture decisions
  • Programming
  • Test automation and continuous integration setup
  • Stress testing and bottleneck analysis for capacity planning

 Management Consulting Services

Nearly all systems struggle (or fail), not due to technical problems, but because they're not managed properly. ColdFusion systems are no different, and with all of the boardrooms we've been in over the years, we can provide the best possible guidance in this critical area as well.

Our Most Prized Possession

Webapper is proud and honored to have provided products and services to these and other distinguished clients all around the world.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers The Federal Reserve Board University of California Los Angeles Eli Lilly Northwestern University American Power Conversion Corporation CrystalTech Web Hosting, Inc. Ernst & Young Leap Wireless International Macromedia Enablement Services Napster The Home Depot Royal Bank of Scotland Sempra Energy The United States Air Force Video Professor Visa Visa

The People Have Spoken

As our customer list shows, we've delivered our ColdFusion consulting solutions to companies all over the globe, including many of the biggest ColdFusion systems on earth. Below is a small sampling of what customers have had to say about their experiences with us.

"Webapper was dispatched to the east coast in late May to help us resolve a sick server issue. They worked at a fever pitch, nearly around the clock, assimilated well with the technical team, and provided expert guidance and insight into not only the ColdFusion product, but our own apps as well. I am sure that without their immediate and expert help, we would not have resolved the issues we found so quickly and effectively. I have hired my share of 'consultants' before, and, by a wide margin, Webapper's was the best and most enduring contribution I've seen. Thank you so much!"

Webapper provided several hours of analysis and consulting for us on a complex coldfusion-related problem. We were convinced that we had narrowed down the root cause of the issue, and took great pains to convey that to them. What Webapper came back with, though, was a completely different solution—one which took us by surprise, and was simple and elegant to implement. Thank you to the whole Webapper team! We will keep Webapper top-of-mind for any future troubleshooting!
—Dan Belhassen
Modern Earth, Inc.

"Webapper was brought in to work on a 'problem' ColdFusion application. The application was writing numerous errors to the error logs, and also needed extensive modifications as part of an upgrade. Webapper implemented over 150 modifications in about a 40-day period. They managed all testing and migration to QA and Production, and also had to coordinate with various departments in order to get the work done. They did all of this, in a short amount of time, while working remotely. We haven't had a single error in over a month since they completed work!"
—Sempra Energy

"Outdated queries suddenly brought our database server to a crawl. The symptoms had a chameleon-like effect that had us searching in the wrong places for several days. Finding SeeFusion was a godsend. Installation took a minute and it's realtime logs and statistics were instantly valuable to the department. All problems were fixed within 24 hours of purchase. The support staff was quick to respond to any and all questions. At a mere $299 you cannot afford to go without SeeFusion on your ColdFusion servers. SeeFusion far outshines Adobe's own Coldfusion Monitor, in overhead, statistics and ease of use."
—Craig Girard, Director of Information Technology, University of Virginia

"This was by far the best money that we have ever spent on any kind of consulting whatsoever, and the guys at Webapper are a real pleasure to work with. If you ever find yourself in this position, I urge you to contact them as I am fairly certain they are as talented as anyone in the business at doing perfomance tuning of ColdFusion applications."
—Dave Shuck
(View Dave's full comments on his blog. )

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