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March 3, 2008

Shan’s Simple Examples: Using an XML datasource with mx:ComboBox

Filed under: Flex & Flash, Shan's Simple Examples — Tags: , , — Shannon Hicks @ 1:44 pm
Over the weekend I was writing a simple little app, and came across something that should have been trivial, but turned out to throw me for a loop momentarily. I needed to drive some data from XML instead of my tried-and-true ColdFusion components, and I realized I’d never done it before. So, here’s the example: First [...]

February 7, 2008

Google Calendar XML: Deciphering the Data

Filed under: ColdFusion, Google — Tags: , , , , — Steve Nelson @ 4:57 am
In my previous post we looked at getting a list of calendars using the Google API. We looked at how to make the request, but not what to do with the data Google sends back. When you make a request for a list of calendars, Google sends the list back in an xml format. Some of [...]

February 1, 2008

Google Calendar API: Using ColdFusion to get a list of Calendars

Filed under: ColdFusion, Google — Tags: , , , , — Steve Nelson @ 6:42 am
Before we handle the methods for editing a calendar, we need to make sure we’re editing the correct calendar. To do that we need to get a list of the calendars from Google. This method we’ll look at today is very simple. So, let’s jump right into the code. ::CODECOLORER_BLOCK_7:: We start with our usual two login [...]

January 31, 2008

Google Calendar API – Creating a new Calendar with ColdFusion

Filed under: ColdFusion, Google — Tags: , , , , — Steve Nelson @ 7:14 am
Now that we have finished with the crazy method of obtaining all the various tokens for accessing the Google API, let’s jump into our first Google Calendar API method. We will start by using the Google Calendar API to create a new calendar. This method is very straight forward. It’s just a matter of correctly [...]

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