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August 2, 2007

Lighttpd revisited

Filed under: Hardware, Linux, Performance — Tags: , — Shannon Hicks @ 8:07 am
I wrote a post not too long ago about using lighttpd (lighty) to ease your server load. My setup consisted of one high-end server box (2x Dual-core Xeon’s, RAID 5, 6GB RAM) running Windows Server 2003 x64 and Virtual Server 2005. Virtual Server had three VM’s running… my CF/IIS server, my database server, and my [...]

June 8, 2007

Easing server load with lighttpd

Filed under: Hardware, Linux, Performance — Tags: , — Shannon Hicks @ 8:05 am
I had a website with an issue. This site is successful on several levels… It gets a good number of visits (500,000/month), each visitor hits nearly 10 pages per visit (so around 5,000,000 page views/month), and ranks well with search engines. While this might sound like a slightly above-average site, the problem lies with it’s [...]

March 2, 2007

ColdFusion MX7 and Apache

Filed under: ColdFusion, Linux — Tags: , — Tyson Vanek @ 3:31 pm
I was contacted directly this week by a new customer who was looking for assistance with a ColdFusion MX installation and configuration. More specifically, the customer was experiencing difficulties while trying to install ColdFusion MX with Apache web server on a Windows development box. The customer indicated that he had successfully installed Apache [...]

November 8, 2005

Linux Virtual Server Clustering

Filed under: Linux — Mike Brunt @ 12:00 am
It seems like feast or famine time as this is the second blog post today but I found something else I don”t want to lose track of. Clustering is now part of any enterprise web application solution. We have worked on clusters of all different types, colors, flavors etc. As a matter [...]

May 6, 2005

What is Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)? – A Good Explanation

Filed under: Linux — Mike Brunt @ 12:00 am
SELinux or .Security Enhanced Linux. as it is properly known was developed in a joint effort by the National Security Agency and the Linux Community, the reasons are of course fairly obvious and don”t need to be stated here. It makes setting up Linux for Server tasks marginally more difficult but like anything once understood, [...]

November 8, 2004

Novell Linux Desktop On SUSE Looks Interesting

Filed under: Linux — Mike Brunt @ 12:00 am
Novell announces the availability of the latest edition of the Novell Linux Desktop powered by SUSE Linux 9. At first glance this looks like a worthy progression along the path of an alternative desktop for Microsoft Windows. This is aimed at enterprises and comes in two major version types, one with expanded administrative privileges to [...]

September 25, 2004

Linux Many Different Distributions For Download

Filed under: Linux — Mike Brunt @ 12:00 am has many different distributions of Linux for download. It looks like a definitive single source for all the distributions I am familiar with including: - College Debian Fedora Free BSD Gentoo Knoppix Lycoris Mandrake Slackware SuSE TSL turbolinux Yellow Dog Check out the site here.

September 6, 2004

ColdFusion MX Verity Support Patch Linux – RedHat etc

Filed under: Linux — Mike Brunt @ 12:00 am
This is sort of old news but as one of our clients did not know about it, I thought it worthy of a blog post. There have been issues with running Verity on ColdFusion MX on many Linux systems. Macromedia issued a hot fix for this back in May 2004 which allows Verity to [...]

December 23, 2003

Memtest86 Very Useful Utility For Checking Ram Pt Two Of Server Woes

Filed under: Linux — Mike Brunt @ 12:00 am
I posted the other day about setting up a new server install for some new projects Webapper have and some of the woes we were facing in doing that. In short I could not get Win2k to install on two of the boxes but the BSOD errors were different and misleading and also somewhat random. [...]

October 6, 2003

Building A Cluster Using Linux

Filed under: Linux — Mike Brunt @ 12:00 am
I stumbled upon this nice article on using Linux to build a cluster. There is even an estimate for a 12 node cluster in there shown at around $24,000.00. Very clearly written and to the point Building A Cluster Using Linux.
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