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March 22, 2011

iPhone 4 Otterbox Defender Extreme Displeasure versus iPhone 3G

Filed under: ColdFusion — Nat Papovich @ 1:52 pm
I have used the Otterbox Defender case for iPhone 3G for the past two and a half years. I love it and heartily recommend it to folks who need a very protective case. There might be a more protective case for the iPhone 3G, but I don’t need it. Whenever I open up the case [...]

October 7, 2010

ColdFusion Alive and Well – eWeek Article

Filed under: Business of Software, ColdFusion, General Development, Performance — Patrick Quinn @ 12:59 pm
I recently posted an article about ColdFusion performance myths (“(Bollox to) ColdFusion is Slow“), and a related myth we hear quite often is in the “ColdFusion is dying” category (or even more amusing is the already-dead variation). If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a piece in eWeek magazine showcasing ColdFusion. I’m an eWeek subscriber, [...]

September 30, 2010

When ColdFusion Hits The Wall

Filed under: ColdFusion, Performance — Patrick Quinn @ 4:18 pm
There’s an immutable law of the performance engineering universe, and it’s this: Performance degrades linearly, up to a point, and then it degrades exponentially. In other words, every server has a wall, and will hit it, eventually. As we’ve seen on thousands of servers over the years in providing our ColdFusion performance engineering services, a [...]

August 5, 2010

Integrating ColdFusion with FogBugz results in cfhttp conx failure

Filed under: ColdFusion, General Development, JVM & Java — Nat Papovich @ 3:13 pm
The development team at Webapper has been using FogBugz for a couple years now and we like it well enough not to bother switching to anything else. One thing I found lacking is a “customer portal” – a way for our clients to review the status of open tickets we’re tracking for their projects. Our [...]

July 29, 2010

(Bollox to) ColdFusion is Slow

Filed under: ColdFusion, Databases, JVM & Java, Performance, SeeFusion — Patrick Quinn @ 12:50 pm
We’ve been hearing the “ColdFusion is slow” nonsense for as long as the platform as been around. (Quick history tidbit: We still have support emails from back when Jeremy Allaire was sending them himself!) In our opinion, whenever someone repeats this tripe, that person is instantly branded a software novice, and, probably, one with an [...]

July 27, 2010

ColdFusion Heroes

Filed under: ColdFusion, Fusebox, General Development, JVM & Java, Macintosh, Performance, SeeFusion — Patrick Quinn @ 5:47 pm
As leading ColdFusion performance engineers and application development specialists, we’re pretty good at what we do. Still, it’s comparatively unglamorous work that we do, focused as it is on recondite topics like software frameworks and Java memory utilization patterns. We’ve got thousands of happy customers of our ColdFusion support and development services, and our SeeFusion [...]

April 6, 2010

ColdFusion Support Plans

Filed under: Business of Software, ColdFusion, Miscellaneous, Performance — Patrick Quinn @ 2:12 pm
For the past decade, our team here at Webapper has been delivering specialized software services focused on ColdFusion performance and stability. Up until now, we had only offered that expertise in the form of “retail” consulting services. This model works roughly like conventional medicine–wait until you’re sick, then call a doctor. Sure, docs can do [...]

November 25, 2009

ColdFusion Survey

Filed under: ColdFusion — Patrick Quinn @ 7:10 pm
Here at Webapper, we’re working on a little somethin’ somethin’ that we think will be a big help to the ColdFusion community. And, though we’re as egomaniacal as the next bunch of engineers, we’d nonetheless never try something new without asking for feedback. So, we’re conducting a survey of ColdFusion users. It has to do [...]

November 13, 2009

Connecting to SQL Server 2008 (Express) from OS X

Filed under: ColdFusion, Databases, Macintosh — Perry Woodin @ 1:26 pm
This is for anyone having trouble connecting to SQL Server on Parallels from ColdFusion on Mac OS X. Each time I’ve installed a new version of SQL server — be it 2005 or 2008 — it took me a bit a random clicking to get a ColdFusion datasource connected to SQL Server. Here are some tips. Make sure [...]

October 19, 2009

1-Day ColdFusion TNT Audit

One of the advantages of our decades of combined experience is speed—we identify, prioritize and fix the causes of performance and stability problems as quickly and effectively as humanly possible. If you’ve got ColdFusion performance and/or stability problems, and you haven’t yet hired us for consulting, then I’d like to invite you to try our [...]
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